So far using py2exe has not been walk in the park with several issues so far and this time it could not be different…. The interesting issue brought to me by py2exe this time was during the runtime of a pyqt application in which the following was being print to stderr:

QObject::moveToThread: Current thread (0x21a3410) is not the object's thread (0x19af0d0).

Funny enough that error would not happen if the application was not froze (WTF!). After some help from ralsina and some googling we found the following:

In my case I was pretty scared that the actual issue was related to the that the operation of the QObject was taking place in a twisted deferred callback and that qtreactor might be doing something naughty. At the end it turned out that the issue was related to the use of a jpg image which requires to use an image plugin in Qt… I fixed the issue as per this. Nevertheless I have made the required changes so that such a hack is hidden in the Windows code and that the Qt UI can be used in Kubuntu without dirty code so if everything goes as planned, SSO should have a buggy t UI that runs on Kubuntu.

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