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NOTE! We are starting a bit early today at 1300UTC, and also today tomorrow we have Rick Spencer’s Q+A. Rick is the engineering manager for the Ubuntu Platform, so he’s got good working knowledge of Ubuntu as a whole, so bring your hard questions!

Here’s the logs from yesterday’s sessions:

And here’s the schedule for today!

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We had some great sessions yesterday, here are the links to the logs:

We’ve got some nice content for you today too, starting at 1400UTC:

  • Daniel’s going to do a 2 hour block on how to get started with Ubuntu Development
  • Contributing to the Ubuntu Friendly program (this is a great project, it takes about 15 minutes and anyone can do it, it’s a great way to give back to Ubuntu.
  • and Ubuntu Brainstorm, will your idea change the world?

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We’ve sent out a call for instructors for Ubuntu Open Week. Open Week runs from 2-6 May in #ubuntu-classroom (the week after release).

Since Developer Week is already off and rocking I’m looking for some more end-user-y type sessions. Want to dig in? Then sign up and let me know!

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One of the coolest things we do is Ubuntu Open Week. This is a week long set of IRC tutorial sessions that we do for users. In the past they were heavily development related, but now as we have a Developer Week and Application Developer Week, we can start to use Ubuntu Open Week for something more useful to end users. And since it’s always the week after a release it’s an opportunity for Ubuntu teams to talk to people who might be interested in joining the project.

I’m looking for a few good men and women to do their first ever tutorial sessions. I think it’s about time we got some new blood in here, and it’s pretty low barrier to teach an IRC class. Here’s the schedule if you want to get in on this. Feel free to contact me at jorge at ubuntu dot com or find me on #ubuntu-community-team on freenode.

I’d like to see more participation from derivatives!

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