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Daniel Holbach

What does being an Ubuntu member mean to you? Why did you do it back then?

I became an Ubuntu member about 10 years ago. It was part of the process of becoming member of the MOTU team. Before you could apply for upload rights, you had to be an Ubuntu member though.

That wasn’t all of it though. For me it wasn’t the mail address or “fulfilling the requirements for upload rights”. As I had helped out and contributed for months already, I felt part of the tribe and luckily many encouraged me to take the next step and apply for membership. I had grown to like the people I worked with and learned from a lot. It was a bit daunting, but being recognised for my contributions was a great experience. Afterwards I would say I did my fair share of encouraging others to apply as well. :-)

Which brings me to the two calls of action I wanted to get out there.

1) Encourage members of your team who haven’t applied for Ubuntu membership!

There are so many people doing fantastic work on AskUbuntu, the Forums, in Flavour teams, the Docs team, the QA world and all over the place when it comes to phones, desktops, IoT bits, servers, the cloud and more. Many many of them should really be Ubuntu members, but they haven’t heard of it, or don’t know how or are concerned of not “having done enough”.

If you have people like that in a project you are working in, please do encourage them. In an open source project we should aim to do a good job at recognising the great work of others.

2) Join the Ubuntu Membership Boards!

If you are an Ubuntu member, seriously consider joining the Ubuntu Membership Boards. The call for nominations is still open and it’s a great thing to be involved with.

When I joined the Community Council, the CC was still in charge of approving Ubuntu members and I enjoyed the meeting (even if they were quite looooooooooooooooooooong), when we got to talk to many contributors from all parts of the globe and from all parts of the Ubuntu landscape. Welcoming many of them to Ubuntu members team was just beautiful.

Nominate yourself and be quick about it! :-)

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Dustin Kirkland

With Open Arms

Jonathan Carter has admirably brought the topic of "Defining what upstream contributions are in terms of membership" to the Ubuntu Community Council meeting agenda.

Hats off, Jonathan, for taking a lead on this important question!

It's my sincere hope that the Ubuntu community continues to be one of the most open and accepting open source organizations in the world.

The current one-line description of Ubuntu membership is:

Membership of the Ubuntu community means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.

I, personally, wholeheartedly welcome any and all who have contributed to Ubuntu in any way, even if indirectly, to the Ubuntu community.  (The words "significant" and "sustained", I think are too subjective for my tastes.)

Without question, to me that includes any Debian Developers, Maintainers, and countless Open Source Upstream Developers (even where those upstreams are employed by Ubuntu's competitors).

If such a person is willing to sign and abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, they're an Ubuntu Member, in my book.

The more people in this (free software) world who abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, the better place it will be for all!

An oldie, but goodie...


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