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Little update on LinuxCOE

Of course, nothing has happened last month since I was on vacation. But just before leaving, I was able to get my RPM working on RHEL and SLES. More testing is required, but I’m getting there.

Now a suggestion from Bryan makes a lot of sense, but will probably delay availability of the RPM packages. We should not make the RPM for SystemDesigner available unless the RPM are also available for the overlays. This is true since not much can be done without an overlay.

So I now have to figure out how to generate the O/S images from a script, instead of including them right in the RPM as it is done currently. This is needed so the RPM don’t contain binary archives and, more importantly, don’t get to heavy in size.

So I will get my good ol Camel Book out and get going.

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I’m back at my desk, after two days in Grenoble with Bryan Gartner and Bruno Cornec. This is really good to be able to see them face to face. Virtual communications are great, but it always help to share some portion of reality for a little while.

We had a lot of discussion on short term goals for LinuxCOE, waystation setup and such. Got some tests packages going while they were at work setting up a waystation on eurolinux.

Now I have working packages for :

  • SystemDesigner
  • RHEL overlay
  • Fedora Overlay
  • The Documentation

I should be able to have a few more soon, since the overlays are rather easy to create, once the first one is OK.

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A little LinuxCOE update.

I got the docs module working earlier today, and it looks like I got the first overlay module almost working also : the RHEL module.

Now I need to figure out what is needed to do in order to get normal setup working, document the whole thing and add it to the docs module.

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Joining LinuxCOE

I recently indicated in a previous post that I was joining the LinuxCOE Open Source effort.

It has been a few weeks since (well actually almost a month now) this post and some work has already been done on creating a RPM package for SystemDesigner. We now have a roughly working package but without any of the Distro modules, it is not of much interest. The next step is to get one of the Distro module packaged and to see if I can get a working COE environment.

Now regarding this specific post, it is in english, as will probably be most of the LinuxCOE related posts, mainly because I don’t want to restrict my audience to the french speaking people. Right now, I don’t think that LinuxCOE has much of an audience in this area.

I also decided to mix these posts in my public personal blog, because I’m lazy and don’t want to go through the trouble of writing and maintaining two blogs. It is better for me to concentrate on working on LinuxCOE rather than being a full-time blog manager.

So keep posted for more LinuxCOE news.

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