I just came back from among other things, well two weeks ago in reality, from doing the Inka Trail. While that is not the purpose of this writing, I did wish to be able to record the walk, but 4 days without batteries and the device I possessed where a blocker for recording it, more so when that device was our backup for photo taking, yes, it was a phone.

Putting that aside for a bit, I became a wikiloc user a while back to follow jimmyangel on the site, I actually know him but was told so by a different person. He has recorded many tracks and I am compelled to do the same for people to discover the hidden beauties that surround has.

So I was really anxious to record a track, more so after doing the Inka Trail. Luckily the place we went to wasn't already on wikilocs, so out came the cellphone and it's result on wikilocs.

More people should just start doing this. The tools is sort of straightforward on Android devices, just go get it.

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