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The company has been advertising to hire an engineering director who will “lead GoDaddy’s internal infrastructure-as-a-service project by adopting and contributing to OpenStack,” according to an ad posted to LinkedIn and the OpenStack Foundation website.

The ad doesn’t offer much more detail and GoDaddy did not reply to a request for comment so it’s hard to know how extensively it plans to use OpenStack. But adopting OpenStack to run internal operations would be in line with recent comments made by the company’s CIO, who told a publication called Business Cloud News just last week that the company is planning a big internal shift to the cloud and will use open source software to execute this vision.

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PayPal has spoken publicly and regularly about its private OpenStack implementation and recently said that 20 percent of its infrastructure runs on OpenStack.

But it’s only a matter of time before PayPal starts running some of its operations on public clouds, said James Barrese, CTO of PayPal.

“We have a few small apps that aren’t financial related where we’re doing experiments on the public cloud,” he said. “We’re not using it in a way that’s a seamless hybrid because we’re a financial system and have very stringent security requirements.”

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Victor Palau

I am pleased to announced that Logviewer is now published in the Ubuntu Touch store.  The app no longer runs unconfined but uses “read_path” pointing to “/var/log/” and “/home/phablet/.cache/”. If you think there is another interested log path let me know and I will try to include it.

Also, one feature that landed by popular request is submitting a selected section of a log to pastebin , thanks to Popey for the image:


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Victor Palau

[Ubuntu Touch] Logviewer

I have been recently doing some android development for Techfunder, one thing that I have found really useful when testing my app is using CatLog. CatLog allows you to check the app and system logs on the go. This is extremely useful when you have a crash while you are not close to your laptop.

This motivated me to look into writing a similar app for Ubuntu Touch. So here it is: LogViewer!


This app, like CatLog, is for developers and requires unconstrained running. You will need to install it manually:

  • Download click package from launchpad
  • transfer to your device and install:
  1. adb push /home/phablet/
  2. adb shell

  3. su phablet
  4. cd ~
  5. pkcon -p install-local

When you launch the app, you will get a list of .log files in /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/ , if you click on an specific log, it will be displayed in a similar manner to tail -f. You can pause the autoreading, clear the screen and copy to clipboard parts of the logs from the bottom menu.

You can also access other files, change font size of the logs and the size of the text buffered from the settings page.

You can see the code and contribute :) in launchpad:

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Other countries should take a leaf from here, and not do the same mistake. Once you select a proprietary technology, you are stuck for life!

Some government decisions haunt the citizens of the country for a long time and the same is happening in South Korea right now. Thanks to a government decision made almost a decade ago, the South Koreans are stuck using Internet Explorer as their primary web browser.

All this goes back to 1990s, when Korea developed its own encryption technology, SEED, to secure e-commerce transactions. Consumers were supplied with a digital certificate, protected by a personal password, for any online transaction in order to prove their identity. For websites to be able to verify these certificates, the technology requires users to install a Microsoft ActiveX plug-in.

Imagine the irony, on one hand South Korea is supposedly one of technologically advanced countries, with the fastest Internet speeds, while on the other the citizens are forced to use a single web browser, and perhaps the worst one at that, when there are so many alternatives available.

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Cada cosa en su lugar

Esta es una frase de Anthony Bourdain en uno de sus programas de No Reservations.

Mise en place: it's my religion, a fundamental principle, the Tao of cooking. It's the practice of setting up your personal station, having all your components ready, the amounts you need and where you want them, and all your favorite tools to grab at a moment's notice, without the burden of delay or thought.

Traducido libremente por mí, es:

Poner en lugar: es mi religión, un principio fundamental, el Tao de la cocina. Es la práctica de armar tu estación personal, teniendo todos los componentes listos, la cantidad que necesitás y donde los querés, y todas tus herramientas favoritas para usarlas al momento, sin tener que esperar y sin pensarlo.

Reconozco que aplico a diario el mismo concepto. En mi computadora, que es donde trabajo, para ser lo productivo que me gusta ser, tengo que tener un montonazo de pequeñas cosas bien ordenadas... o sea, aplicaciones instaladas y configuradas como a mí me gusta, archivos con datos donde los quiero tener, las ventanas acomodadas donde estoy acostumbrado, etc.

Por eso me cuesta tanto reinstalar el sistema operativo desde cero (lo hago cada par de años), porque me lleva un tiempo considerable el dejar "el entorno de trabajo como corresponde".

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Victor Palau

We announced today a new solution to dual boot Android and Ubuntu on the same device. Over the last few weeks I have recently blogged about a Contacts import app for Ubuntu and  Techfunder, an Android app for crowd funding projects. What I didn’t mention before is that I have been developing and testing both in the same device!

I have been dog-fooding and developing a small part of our dual boot solution for a couple weeks now.  During that time, I’ve not only been able to boot between Android and Ubuntu as a user, but also as an application developer.

Dual boot brings no compromise to the SDK experience of either operating system.  I run Ubuntu SDK with QTCreator and Android’s ADT (eclipse-based) on my 12.04 LTS laptop.  And while the SDK for Android is more mature and fully featured, I still find Ubuntu (an particularly QML) much faster to prototype apps.

Dual boot is also about making the application developers life easier and cheaper.  Having to buy extra devices for testing new apps can be a put you off. You can now develop for Ubuntu by jusr re-using your Android device.. without having to disrupt your android projects!  For example,  yesterday I was working on applications on both sides, and I was easily booting back and forward and collecting logs in each side.

I hope to see more integration in between both development environments, I think it will be particularly neat to have something like  Android Monitor tool (aka DDMS) working for both OSs.

Btw, I have just released version 2.0 of Techfunder! Including home screen widgets, search and more categories. Don’t forget to check it out:

Get it on Google Play

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Aunque estoy viendo un montón de cositas (sólo, con Felu, o toda la familia) bajadas de Encuentro, Pakapaka, Ronda, etc (con mi programa, obvio), pude ver varias películas anotadas (el viaje de ida y vuelta a Londres ayudó bastante acá :p).

  • 2 guns: +0. Violenta, pero bien armada. Si te gustan las pelis de "pistoleros", adelante, si no no tiene sentido.
  • Carancho: +0. Cruda, muy dura. La historia está bien, mostrando un submundo que desconocía, las actuaciones impecables.
  • Cool it: +1. Muy interesante película alrededor del concepto de "hay que trabajar sobre el cambio climático pero no es lo más importante, y lo que se hace no es lo mejor". Para pensar bastante.
  • Crazy, stupid, love: +0. Otra comedia romanticona, pero mostrando también interacciones complejas a nivel familia (nada del otro mundo).
  • Elektra Luxx: +0. Varias historias mezcladas, ninguna completa, pero interesantes. No es una película clásica, pero está buena. Sencilla, pero comunicativa.
  • Finding Bliss: -0. Cuenta algunas cosas piolas, pero en general es rara, y como que le falta para que valga la pena.
  • Friends with benefits: +0. Una comedia romanticona, simple, para pasar el rato, pero bien.
  • High fidelity: +0. Una historia interesante, bien contada, personajes bárbaros.
  • Internship: -0. Por momemtos divertida, pero es una de esas películas que vimos mil veces.
  • Limitless: +0. Más allá de toda la acción que es casi de relleno (pero no sobra), una interesante película sobre qué harías si pudieras utilizar mucho más de tu cerebro... y qué precio estarías dispuesto a pagar por ello.
  • Powder: +0. Una historia pequeña pero muy bien contada, donde quizás el elemento más notable es el menos importante; varios actores muy conocidos, todos están bien.
  • The Lincoln Lawyer: +1. Mezcla de peli de abogados con thriller donde no sabés quien es bueno y quien es malo, hasta que todo se desanuda. Aparte de la historia en sí, me gustaron las actuaciones, y también la fotografía.
  • The Man from Earth: +1. Difícil contar de qué va la peli sin spoilearla, pero es muy buena para pensar, razonar y ver como otra gente reacciona con esos razonamientos.
  • The lone ranger: -0. Johnny Depp casi, casi, casi salva la película. El resto, poco y nada, más que muchos tiros y explosiones naif.
  • The resident: -1. Tres actores bárbaros para una película absolutamente predecible, que no hace más que repetir lo mismo que otras mil películas del género. Un fiasco.
  • The rite: -0. Anthony Hopkins *impecable*... pero la historia en total medio pelo, aunque amagan plantear dos o tres cosas para pensar... en la suma, bleh.
  • Your highness: -0. Con este película terminé de confirmar que no me gustan las "parodias"; incluso estando bien hechas y con actores decentes. Por otro lado, Natalie Portman está espléndida, :)

Y las anotadas nuevas (no todas son películas que acaban de salir o van a estrenarse en el futuro: hay algunas recomendaciones también).

Finalmente, el conteo de pendientes por fecha:

(24-Sep-2008)   15   6
(21-Ene-2009)   18  18  12   1   1
(09-May-2009)   13  11  10   5
(15-Oct-2009)   17  16  15  14
(01-Mar-2010)   18  18  18  18  16   4
(12-Sep-2010)   19  18  18  18  18  18   9   2   1
(14-Dic-2010)   13  13  13  13  12  12  12   5   1
(13-Abr-2011)       23  23  23  23  23  23  22  17   5
(09-Ago-2011)           12  12  11  11  11  11  11  11
(06-Ene-2012)               21  21  18  17  17  17  17
(27-Jul-2012)                   15  15  15  15  15  15
(26-Nov-2012)                       12  12  11  11  11
(09-Feb-2013)                           19  19  16  15
(19-Jun-2013)                               19  18  16
(21-Sep-2013)                                   18  18
(20-Dic-2013)                                       14
Total:         113 123 121 125 117 113 118 121 125 122

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You gotta love it when one vendor helpfully announces what another vendor’s plans. That’s what apparently happened Monday when Rackspace Chairman and co-founder Graham Weston was quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s CIO blog  saying that would start running OpenStack’s open-source cloud technology.

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Victor Palau

I have a lot of contacts in my phone… I am sure you will have more, but syncing over 500 contacts to Ubuntu phone using the command line for Syncevolution gets tedious.

So I wrote a little QML app to do the trick for you. Unfortunately, to run a system command the application has to run unconfined, so I have not yet submitted it to the store.

But if you want to install it yourself it is pretty simple:

  1. Download this file
  2. push the downloaded file to your phone, like so: adb push /home/phablet
  3. then run this to install it: adb shell “sudo -u phablet pkcon -p install-local  /home/phablet/”

You should be good to use it now, the app looks like this: (and if you want to check out the code is here)


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According to a new Gartner report, around $3.9 billion will be spent on cloud services in India from 2013 through 2017, of which $1.7 billion will be spent on software-as-a-service (SaaS). The overall public cloud services market in India is also set to grow 33.6% this year to touch $404 million, an increase of $101 million from the 2012 revenue of $303 million, said the research firm.

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Rubin began as a robot engineer at lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss and had a brief stint at Apple as a manufacturing engineer before devoting his working hours to developing computers instead. However, robotics remained a hobby, with Rubin both building his own and amassing a collection of robots from Japan. The Android operating system’s name was no accident: Rubin’s coworkers at Apple started calling him “Android” because of his love of robots, and he adopted the name for his own purposes years later.

Now, Google has allowed him to build those robots all day long. “I have a history of making my hobbies into a career,” Rubin told the Times. “This is the world’s greatest job. Being an engineer and a tinkerer, you start thinking about what you would want to build for yourself.”

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OpenStack, a non-profit organization promoting open source cloud computing software, wants to increase its presence in India.

The organization has formed a three -pronged strategy—launching new products and features, tapping organizations deploying cloud computing, and training the vast channel base of its alliance partners who have a strong presence in the country.

Mark Collier, COO, OpenStack, affirmed, “After the US, India and China are the most important countries for us. We will target the large organizations that are either in the process of deploying, or have a cloud computing strategy in place. And cloud computing requires a lot of business transformation because of the cultural shift and dramatic changes in processes.”


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This was shared by my friend Sudhir Pai, found it very inspiring and thought of sharing:

What’s Most Important In My Life

Put simply, what is most important in my life is cultivating the ability to help people be happy, and to relieve them of the suffering they experience. My No. 1 aspiration in life is to leave each person I interact with at least a little bit better off than I found them.

Sometimes this means taking a lot of time to help someone. Many times it means simply making eye contact and smiling to others as they walk by.

This effort is so important to me because I have become acutely aware of how much pain I feel when I have done things that contribute to the suffering of other people, and how much joy I feel when I help someone to be happy and/or suffer less.

The ability to help people be happy and suffer less is what I call true love, which I think has three essential components: kindness, compassion, and equanimity.

- Matt Tenney


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  • US Number 1 Country, India Number 2!
  • Ubuntu No 1 OS.
  • KVM Number 1 Hypervisor.

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The administration of the Swiss canton of Bern has decided that, in principle, software developed by or for public administrations should be made freely available. Using open source software helps to reduce the canton’s dependence on software vendors and in the long-term will reduce ICT costs, the Bern administration writes on 23 October. It has accepted a similar motion submitted this summer by six council members.

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Couldn’t agree more. I wish all the countries should follow a similar strategy.

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Es muy conocido el juego "piedra, papel y tijera", un juego que disfrutamos desde chicos porque no se necesita más que las manos para jugar, las reglas son sencillas, y es dentro de todo divertido.

Hay una variación que incluye dos elementos nuevos ("Spock" y "lagarto") a los tres tan conocidos ("piedra", "papel", etc.), haciendo que las oportunidades de empate sean bastante menores. Esta versión no fue inventada por la serie The Big Bang Theory, sino por otra gente.

En el juego original, cada elemento era vencido por un otro, y vencía a un tercero. En esta variación, cada elemento es vencido por dos otros, y vence a otros dos. La forma más fácil de recordarlo es mencionar los elementos como en el título de este post, donde cada elemento vence a los dos anteriores y es vencido por los dos siguientes.

Es más fácil verlo en el siguiente gráfico, con las razones "oficiales" y todo:

Razones del PSPLT

También es piola verlo con los símbolos de las manos:

PSPLT con las manos

Listo, ya no tienen excusas para horas interminables de fascinante diversión.

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Cuatro años

El finde pasado festejamos los cuatro años de Felipe, en el Taller de la Ribera.


La temática del cumpleaños fue de "caballeros", que es algo con lo que Felu estuvo enganchado mucho este año. Como muestra, vale un botón... ¡tiembla Aragorn!


Salió todo muy lindo, los chicos se divirtieron, hicieron arte, jugaron, comieron. Los grandes similar, excepto la parte de arte que era exclusiva para los pequeños, y quizás charlaron más :p.


Vino mucha gente, en el orden de las sesenta personas (incluyendo niños y adultos). Y faltaron como veinte, la mayoría con previo aviso. Y si contamos los que fueron a casa el jueves, porque el sábado no podían, la suma nos da un número redondo: un montón.

Y hacer que todo funcione correctamente, todos coman, beban y se sientan cómodos, para un montón de gente, es mucho trabajo. Al punto que aunque disfruté mucho, estuve corriendo de un lado para el otro y casi no pude charlar con nadie.


Veremos si el año que viene cambiamos la dinámica, porque esto ya no escala.

Algo a estudiar sería un salón/pelotero/algo más tradicional para aquellos que tienen niños (incluyendo los compañeritos del jardín de Felu), y un asado en casa para el resto de la familia y amigos.

El resto de las fotos, acá.

Seis meses

Por otro lado, ayer se cumplieron los seis meses de Malena. ¡Medio año ya! Como pasa el tiempo, etc, etc, nos vamos poniendo viejos, etc, etc.

Les dejo una foto de Male que la muestra saboreando un hueso de asado, con inidicios de una feroz omnivoracidad como el hermano...

Con el hueso

..., y dos videos: uno cortito de ella charlando (está que charla, charla, charla, charla...), y otro un poco más largo (de casi dos minutos) mostrando como se mueve ya.

En fin. <baba> Mis dos pimpollos están hermosos :) </baba>

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Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich announced today that the world’s biggest chip manufacturer will collaborate with open-source hardware platform Arduino. Together, they will work to foster innovation in the “maker” and educational communities.

Krzanich, speaking at the Maker Faire in Rome, Italy, also introduced the Galileo development board that will become the foundation of open source hardware platforms. Intel is donating 50,000 of the Arduino-compatible Intel Galileo boards to more than 1,000 universities worldwide over the next 18 months. The exploding “maker” community is a do-it-yourself technology movement.

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Netflix has developed s Asgard, a web interface that lets engineers and developers manage their AWS infrastructure using a GUI rather than a command line.

Netflix Asgard is open source.

Paypal a big user of OpenStack has ported Asgard to OpenStack.

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