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Daniel Holbach

WOW. So this was our first Fix-It Friday and there’s still a few to come until release. Here’s what we collectively got through:

What the people above can do, you can do easily! Just make sure you’re there next time. I’m super super happy about Fix-It Friday turned out the first time and as I said above: there will be more… and this one isn’t even over yet! :-)

Thanks everyone and ROCK ON!

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Pywin32 is a very cool project that allows you to access the win api without having to go through ctypes and deal with all the crazy parameters that COM is famous for. Unfortunately sometimes it has som issues which you face only a few times in your life.

This case I found a bug where GetFileSecurity does not use the GetFileSecurityW method but the w-less version. For those who don’t have to deal with this terrible details, the W usually means that the functions knows how to deal with utf-8 strings (backward compatibility can be a problem sometimes). I have reported the bug but for those that are in a hurry here is the patch:

diff -r 7dce71d174a9 win32/src/win32security.i
--- a/win32/src/win32security.i	Sat Jun 18 10:16:06 2011 -0400
+++ b/win32/src/win32security.i	Mon Jun 20 14:15:27 2011 +0200
@@ -2108,7 +2108,7 @@
  if (!PyWinObject_AsTCHAR(obFname, &fname))
   goto done;
-	if (GetFileSecurity(fname, info, psd, dwSize, &dwSize)) {
+	if (GetFileSecurityW(fname, info, psd, dwSize, &dwSize)) {
   PyErr_SetString(PyExc_RuntimeError, "Can't query for SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR size info?");
   goto done;
@@ -2117,7 +2117,7 @@
   PyErr_SetString(PyExc_MemoryError, "allocating SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR");
   goto done;
- if (!GetFileSecurity(fname, info, psd, dwSize, &dwSize)) {
+ if (!GetFileSecurityW(fname, info, psd, dwSize, &dwSize)) {
   goto done;
@@ -2153,7 +2153,7 @@
  if (!PyWinObject_AsSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR(obsd, &psd))
   goto done;
-	if (!SetFileSecurity(fname, info, psd)) {
+	if (!SetFileSecurityW(fname, info, psd)) {
   goto done;

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