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My favourite aliases…

Something I recently (embarrassingly) discovered is that bash supports the concept of aliases, which are like shorthand for commonly used commands. Ubuntu comes with a few as default already in your .bashrc, e.g. ‘ll’ for ‘ls -alF’ (long listing). You’re free of course to add your own in .bashrc, so here I present some of the ones I use:

alias chx='chmod +x'
alias rvim='sudo vim' (if you use VIM that is ;) )
alias sagi='sudo apt-get install -y'
alias sagr='sudo apt-get remove'
alias sagu='sudo apt-get update'
alias saar='sudo add-apt-repository'

I find that especially the apt ones save a lot of typing. Hope you find them useful!

(oh yeah, just put the lines in your ~/.bashrc and run ‘source ~/.bashrc’)

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Colin Ian King

Bash file truncation

Today I wanted to truncate a file from bash and discovered that using the dummy placeholder : worked a treat:


..I've been using bash for years and completely overlooked this gem - I should have devoted more effort into reading the POSIX 1003.2 standard or the bash manual a long while ago...

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