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Shang Wu

[Precise] How to delete a node from MAAS

After some testing with MAAS, I ran into an issue that I cannot remove a node from MAAS using the “Delete Node” button as its status show “Allocate to Root“.

Assuming you ran the juju bootstrap already and does not need it anymore. The correct way to clear the status from “Allocate to Root” to “Ready” again is by running:

juju destroy-services

Once you done that, you should see all the nodes are back to the ready status.

However, in some occasion, the status cannot be changed that way. Thus, you will need to open a terminal to remove the node from MAAS.

Open a terminal, then see if anything is listed there by using:

cobbler system list

Once you have the name for the system, you can remove it by running:

cobbler system remove –name=xxx

After that is done, you can use the following to remove the node from MAAS properly:

$ sudo maas shell
>> from maasserver.models import Node
>> node = Node.objects.get(hostname=’myhostname’)
>> node.delete()

Check back the MAAS portal, you should have that node removed.

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