Like many others, I follow the CSSOSS instruction to setup my Openstack environment.

After see all my resources appeared to be up-and-running, I want to get the images and test out the final step: start an instances. But, I realised I cannot get to the Internet which was odd because I was able to do that at the beginning to update/upgrade the system. What happened?

Looking around on the Internet, I found myself is not alone, see brendan1495’s post on the forum. As I am sure the Internet connection has no problem, I start to suspect that the issue might be on the machine. However, I tried the host command on the machine. It is able to resolve the DNS name. But does not respond to the ping or apt-get update/install/upgrade command.

Initially, I thought the issue is with iptables. So I tried to save/flush/restore the rules, but in vain. Today after I saw brendan’s post, I realise the issue is probably is related to nova-network because that is when he “lost” his Internet connection.

Then I run the nova-network command, it gives me:

sudo nova-network
2011-07-11 13:57:25,368 AUDIT nova [-] Starting network node (version 2011.2-workspace:tarmac-20110415024701-a9bdb77vaatk99lh)
2011-07-11 13:57:25,726 CRITICAL nova [-] (OperationalError) no such table: networks u’SELECT networks.created_at AS networks_created_at, networks.updated_at AS networks_updated_at, networks.deleted_at AS networks_deleted_at, networks.deleted AS networks_deleted, AS networks_id, networks.label AS networks_label, networks.injected AS networks_injected, networks.cidr AS networks_cidr, networks.cidr_v6 AS networks_cidr_v6, networks.gateway_v6 AS networks_gateway_v6, networks.netmask_v6 AS networks_netmask_v6, networks.netmask AS networks_netmask, networks.bridge AS networks_bridge, networks.gateway AS networks_gateway, networks.broadcast AS networks_broadcast, networks.dns AS networks_dns, networks.vlan AS networks_vlan, networks.vpn_public_address AS networks_vpn_public_address, networks.vpn_public_port AS networks_vpn_public_port, networks.vpn_private_address AS networks_vpn_private_address, networks.dhcp_start AS networks_dhcp_start, networks.project_id AS networks_project_id, AS networks_host \nFROM networks \nWHERE networks.deleted = ? AND = ?’ (False, ‘nova1’)

After this point, my Internet connection is “back.” But I saw the error message at the end, which makes me wonder…..