Previous, I had some trouble to run Openstack on my test machine. With the help from CSSOSS documentation I was able to see the resources are all up and ready, waiting to be used. But, after I download the tarball images from Ubuntu image store and registered to my openstack. I was not able to get the instances start running.

The error message that I got when I run euca-describe-instances, the isntances status starts from Launching switch to Failed to Spawn almost immediately. Looking through the logs (nova-compute.log), it tells me that the kvm needs to be enabled which I have done so already… So, the issue is somewhere else. But in any case, you are getting the same error, this might be the first thing that you need to check.

To check if your kvm extension is enabled, you can run:

sudo kvm-ok

If it is enabled, the message will look like:

KVM acceleration can be used