Update notes from Jun 28th, 2011: I encounter some issues after using the code from GitHub. Thus, I switch back to use bzr and get it working after that. Please refer to part 2, for more detail information.

I have been trying to install OpenStack these days just to see how different it is than Eucalyptus. Like many others, back when I was still using Eucalyptus, the book/documentation from http://cssoss.wordpress.com is fantastic. At least, that was how I use to get started at the beginning.

This time around, checking on the CSS website, I found they also have the documentation for OpenStack (They are great, aren’t they?!) That is where I will base my article about OpenStack today.

The article is still great and helpful like before. However, there were some changes made on the OpenStack Dashboard side as they have moved to Github after the article has been published. That is why if you follow the session about Nova Dashboard, you will run into problems.

To be more specific, if you use the bzr command:

sudo bzr branch lp:openstack-dashboard /opt/osdb

to download the openstack-dashboard to /opt/osdb, you will soon find out that the size for your run_tests.sh is zero.

To workaround this problem, you will need to use the following command at your preferred directory:

git clone https://github.com/4P/openstack-dashboard.git

After this, you will have “almost” everything you need and continue on with the article now.