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Gerry Carr

HP and Canonical work towards Ubuntu certification on servers

Moving Ubuntu into the enterprise, especially on the server, has been a significant undertaking. While the Ubuntu Server Edition has been around since late 2005, it really came into its own in mid 2006 with Ubuntu 6.06LTS — the first Long Term Supported version. The LTS versions are released every two years and supported for a full five years on the server.

Since then the product has been enhanced significantly, shipping with the best open source tools. For those wishing to take advantage of the latest kernel builds and utilities the Server version tracks the regular Ubuntu’s six-month cadence. It is proving to be a very popular platform with hundreds of thousands of corporate and SMB users globally. If you have not seen the most recent server statistics then you should. Registration required.

With the current economic crisis, we’re seeing more enterprises looking for greater value and lower costs in their server infrastructures. One of the interesting findings from a recent survey (see figure below) is the range of hardware technologies on which Ubuntu finds itself. Just last week we spoke to a Chicago-based finance house that runs entirely on Ubuntu server and runs their open and proprietary stack on Ubuntu on Hewlett Packard machines mostly, with some Dell in the mix. These heterogeneous environments are pretty common and the range of software it is run on pretty wide. Our survey also indicted that hardware support is very important to our users.

Which is why it is great news that HP are partnering with us to move towards full certification of Ubuntu on Proliant servers – more about this over the next few months. This will give another layer of assurance to users and customers – particularly in the enterprise – with market leader HP recognizing the growing importance of Ubuntu to enterprise and SMB customers. The certification means HP will list Ubuntu as a supported operating system and verify the work undertaken by Canonical to ensure full certified compatibility. Furthermore both companies are fully co-operating at the engineering level to provide full underlying confidence for HP customers using the certified servers.

This is great news for users who’ve adopted Ubuntu as their enterprise class server software and even better new for those using HP Proliant servers.

Mark Murphy – Alliances Manager, Canonical

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Gerry Carr

Redmonk and Ubuntu survey: results are in!

Over the last two months Canonical and the Ubuntu server community ran a user survey to delve into the detail of Ubuntu server use. You can see the original launch plan here. The audience was self-selecting; we promoted it through the Ubuntu website and some other popular Linux server forums. Our friends at the analyst house, Redmonk, advised us on some of the questions and we have shared the raw data with them for their learning. In the end 6819 people representing the same number of organisations completed the survey. This was no easy task as there were many questions so our thanks to all the participants.

The survey is available here (registration required) and there is extensive commentary available with the survey itself. At a very high level it paints a picture of Ubuntu in use for common workloads in production ready environments across a vast number of sectors. The respondents tended to come from Europe and North America, which is probably an accurate reflection of business use of Ubuntu Server Edition currently. The size of organisation stretch from the lone wolf right up to 10,000+ organisations – to reflect this we have taken some splits of the data to see where response varied by size.

In short, if you are using or contemplating using Ubuntu Server Edition this is essential reading.

Gerry Carr – Head of platform marketing

An example of the data available in the Server Survey

An example of the data available in the Server Survey


Landscape 1.2 Released with More Customizable Features

We have just released Landscape 1.2 which is the next version of our management and monitoring software that lets you manage multiple Ubuntu systems as easily as one. In addition to provisioning, package and security updates management, Landscape enables you to control and monitor all your systems from a single Web interface reducing the complexity of managing multiple systems. The theme of 1.2 is customization – giving you the ability to use generic Landscape features to meet your needs and automate the tasks you want.

The script execution feature has been greatly improved by adding a repository. Now scripts can be stored in the Landscape server for easy use on one or more systems on your network. Scripts can also have attachments, making it really easy to update files on many machines at once and opening up many new possibilities for remote system administration. The scripts are automatically shared with other administrators of the same account to facilitate routine system analysis and reporting.

We have updated Landscape to warn the administrator when something important comes up. Instead of polling the Landscape pages to see what has to be done, what about letting Landscape alert you? We now have notifications that can be configured to send an immediate alert via email so you know when the latest patches are available or a system has upgrades that need approval.

We have made Landscape more useful for people without a subscription to the service. The idea is to provide a quick summary of the system at login so that an administrator can get a very quick systems status check. The landscape-sysinfo program gives you a simple system status display and is based on a fully modular architecture that can be easily expanded with more plugins.

As a bonus, the client part of Landscape (including the new landscape-sysinfo tool) is officially part of Ubuntu starting with the 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex” release. This includes an integration with the installer so that administrators can have a fully configured Landscape client right after the first boot.

The full list of major features that we have added to Landscape 1.2 can be found on the Landscape blog.

Landscape remains free of charge for all of Canonical’s support customers. System Administrators who want access to Landscape’s powerful system management and monitoring features without a support contract can also subscribe to the Landscape service.

Want to try Landscape? Register for a Free 60 day trial to see how it can simplify you management and monitoring tasks.

Gerry Carr

New Ubuntu Server Edition Survey

The Ubuntu Server Team wants to know how you use Ubuntu Server in day-to-day operations to help the team prioritize the support and development of future Ubuntu Server Editions.

In an effort to better understand, support and further the Ubuntu Server Edition we would like to ask you to take this survey which should take between 10 to 20 minutes to complete. The information provided will help us determine where we can improve support, where to add additional resources and to generate a better understanding of the community which we work within.

Please note that this survey is being conducted by the Ubuntu Server Team community together with RedMonk (an analyst firm) and the Canonical Product Management. Information about the team is available here.

To take the survey, please go here

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