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Matthew Nuzum

Dell’s new Ubuntu powered Inspiron Mini 9

Here at Canonical we are pretty excited about the global announcements today from Dell about its new Inspiron Mini 9, which will soon ship in many countries with Ubuntu 8.04 pre-installed.

Not only does the Ubuntu version come with a custom launcher that makes the Inspiron Mini 9 fast, safe and easy to use, it has the benefit of numerous open source applications, such as a popular web browser and important office applications, as well as a smaller footprint on the internal solid-state disk and a lower entry price point than alternative operating systems.

We think machines like the Mini 9 will bring Ubuntu to a whole new group of users, from commuters wanting a lightweight device to schoolchildren wanting their first notebook. Welcome to Ubuntu!

We’re also pleased that the Inspiron Mini 9 release represents the growing strength of our relationships with some of the most prominent names in the industry, in this case Dell.

Dell started working with Canonical over a year ago, prompted by an incredible response from the Dell community to its Dell IdeaStorm, culminating very quickly with the launch of numerous Ubuntu-based products in the last year. Over that time we’ve seen the relationship between Dell and Canonical’s engineering teams in China, Taiwan and US go from strength to strength, with the result that Dell has broadened both its Ubuntu product range and increased availability across the globe. Just recently we’ve seen Dell release its new Vostro range into high-volume, emerging markets.

With the introduction of the Inspiron Mini 9, Dell has also focused on the specific consumer requirements of this category of device – working closely with Canonical to deliver some unique UI elements such as the launcher and full support for third party services such as Dell’s entry into the netbook market will add excitement to an already interesting and fast evolving category.

The success of Ubuntu worldwide is also the success of the open source model, and particularly the huge contribution made by developers, testers and many others across the whole OSS community.

So, Ubuntu pre-installed on a cool, affordable consumer device in the mainstream – awesome

Mark Murphy – Manager, Global Alliances


This week I have the pleasure of attending the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. You can find me and the rest of the Canonical gang showing off Ubuntu MID Edition and Netbook Remix in the Moblin Community Area.

Speaking of mobile, since launching the new version earlier in the year we’ve had a steady flood of interest from users and partners alike. This week is sure to kick it up a notch!

Sylvania is making its g netbook available in U.S. retail stores nationwide — shipping with Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Netbooks are relatively new in the U.S. and huge growth is expected. We’re excited to be part of this announcement.

Here’s how we’re involved.

In the OEM Services team at Canonical, primarily based in Lexington, MA and Taipei, Taiwan, we engage with manufacturers to produce images of Ubuntu specific to their hardware – ensuring high reliability. We also add software at the manufacturer’s request such as licensed media codecs and/or applications that we do not ship in standard Ubuntu. So for a company like Sylvania it is a customized version of Ubuntu delivered via a commercial engagement.

It is a great honor for the team here to see with this announcement that there are Intel Atom(R)-based machines going into market running Ubuntu. This marks a major milestone for the OEM Services team and is the culmination of a huge amount of investment and effort.

By the end of the year, Ubuntu will be available pre-installed on machines on thousands of shelves and digital marketplaces around the world. Consumers will have a real choice and we will continue working to ensure that choice is Ubuntu.

If you are in the San Francisco area, stop by and see us at IDF and check out the new Sylvania g and other cool mobile computers running Ubuntu.

– Jon Melamut, OEM Services