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Gerry Carr


Vive le Logiciel Libre!

Today the Gendarmerie Nationale (The French national police force) announced the migration of up to 70,000 computers to Ubuntu over the next 3 years.

This comes at the end of a two year migration project where the Gendarmerie Nationale have been using Open Office and Firefox before starting the full migration. This as a great win for everyone in the open source and the Ubuntu community and testament to the high quality, strong security and ease of use of Ubuntu.

More Ubuntu in France

This announcement, combined with the National Assembly’s migration to Ubuntu in July and Dell shipping Ubuntu in France shows just how vibrant the Ubuntu community is in France. Canonical are delighted to announce that we will be joinging the APRIL (*A*ssociation pour la *P*romotion et la *R*echerche en *I*nformatique *L*ibre) whose work promoting Free Software continues to help users discover the benefits of open source and choice.

P.S. If you are in Paris at Linux Solution today or tomorrow – come by our booth or visit Frederic, Didier and others on the excellent Ubuntu France community booth.

Chris Kenyon – Canonical – Director, Business Development

Gerry Carr

Why a Canonical blog?

Welcome to the Canonical Blog. The goal of the blog is to provide a vehicle for people who work for Canonical to respond to some of the questions we get asked, to explore the issues we care about, and to expand on some of the initiatives in which we are involved. It is a companion piece to the Fridge, Planet Ubuntu and to Mark’s blog but it is different as it is not the voice of the Ubuntu Community.

It is the Canonical (capital C) voice. It is (we hope) the considered opinion of people within Canonical with a valuable perspective on a specific topic. It is here to address that gap where a press release is over the top but we want to respond to an issue or we want to provide more colour on an announcement, where we want to provoke debate or bring attention to something that we feel is important.

We live in interesting times in computing and at Canonical we are fortunate to find ourselves at the centre of a lot of the more interesting developments. We hope this blog develops into a useful perspective on these issues.

– The Canonical Team