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Canonical partner logos now available – A fresh, new look

In the past few months, you can’t help but have noticed that we’ve been refreshing the identity of Ubuntu and Canonical. If you’ve missed it, please check out the all-new and websites for a flavour of what we’ve been working on. Don’t forget some of this work is already reflected in the most recent 10.04 LTS release.

As we roll out this new look, one key group we want to support is our partners. We’re pleased to announce that the updated partner logos (Gold, Silver and Bronze) are now ready and will be made available along with all the other supporting logos in the partner portal (log-in required). Just point your web browser to to get the Ubuntu logo appropriate for your business.

We’d also ask that you carefully read the accompanying guidelines. These are designed to help you use our logos effectively to not only demonstrate your understanding of our products and services, but also show them off alongside your brand in the best possible way.

We hope you like them, and if you have any feedback on the guidelines please do let me know.


Ubuntu In Business – with presentations!

Every once in a while you have a good day. One such was last Tuesday in the unlikely environment of a night club in Brick Lane in the middle of the day where we held the inaugural ‘Ubuntu in Business’ event in conjunction with the UK community.

The genesis of the idea came from a request from the leaders of the UK LoCo for an event that would reach out to all to the system administrators, consultants and others in the Ubuntu community who deal with a challenge that we sometimes overlook – how do they persuade their colleagues/bosses/clients to pursue a full or partial open source policy in their company?

Seemed like a good idea. But we didn’t want to hold the same corporate, lecture-style  event that is instantly forgotten. Plus there were lots of elements of open source events that we enjoyed and wanted to keep. Short open mic talks, long demos and panel discussions. We came up with the following agenda.

How did it go?  We packed the place out even with a 50% drop off rate (the curse of the free event but we planned for it).  The content was better than I hoped which is a great credit to our guests from Oxford Archaeological, Akuna, AlfrescoDSNetworks, LikeWise, Open Learning Centre, Publicus and from the great Alan Pope of the UK community. Canonical spoke to the value that Ubuntu Advantage can bring businesses. The combined effect as they spoke about real deployments on Ubuntu in UK businesses was much more powerful in advocating the use of Ubuntu than either Canonical or the community could possibly have given alone.

From conversation and feedback those in attendance found it really useful. We aired the issues with open source and in a different post I will try and consolidate some of those arguments. We hope and expect that attendees will return with stronger arguments and more exposure to how peers are deploying this technology today. We also how the reassurance of the services from Canonical and partners was apparent.

So huge thanks are due to James Thomas and the Alans Lord, Pope and Bell. We will run the event again at a date soon to be fixed. And we  will be coming to a town near you. Stay tuned. Oh there is some video thanks to the guys at DS Networks.