Did you want to find out about how Ubuntu is being deployed in the cloud space? Did you want to see how KnowledgeTree used Ubuntu for its SaaS offering? If so, please join KnowledgeTree and Canonical on Wednesday 8 September 2010 at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern for a joint webinar.

Enjoy an informative and thought provoking talk from Evan Person, Director of Product for KnowledgeTree and Renen Watermeyer, Director of Engineering for KnowledgeTree where they will discuss:

– The criteria KnowledgeTree considered when choosing an OS for the cloud.
– How Ubuntu met those criteria and was subsequently selected.
– How using Ubuntu contributed to the way the service was built.
– Lessons learned in the process of developing on Ubuntu for the cloud.

Please visit http://www.knowledgetree.com/register-webinar to register.