As you well know, Ubuntu has recently undergone a makeover and is looking rather fabulous – that’s not to say we weren’t before, but there is a noted difference. As with most brands which move on, it’s always good to look back and remember the journey they’ve made. I clearly remember the older logos for Intel, Apple and Dell to name a few and seeing those now are very rare but quite a treat in a way. One of these days Ubuntu will be another one of those brands to add to the list.

So where is all this going? Well the good news is now you have a chance to grab a bit of history for a limited time only – the Ubuntu shop is currently running a promotion where if you purchase a customised Ogio messenger bag, you will also receive a free Ubuntu 10th release anniversary T-shirt. For further descriptions and specifications of the products, you can visit the promotional page on the Ubuntu shop.

Don’t miss your chance to be on of the lucky few to hold onto some original Ubuntu merchandise – who knows, it may be worth a small fortune in the future 😉