OK, I’m really overdue on posting something about this as I’ve had _something_ running on the dragonboard 410c for a while. If you don’t know about dragonboard you can check out dragonboard from 96boards .

So dragonboard is targeted to be a supported reference board by our Snappy team and they’re in the process of pushing out beta images to play with in the 16 series. I had been concerned that we I was going to have to go and build the graphics drivers into our Ubuntu core snap. When I started I wasn’t even sure of the state of the freedreno drivers vs closed source vendor drivers. But as luck would have it, someone quite recently had turned on the gallium drivers to be built and package as part of the Ubuntu distro, which means I got the freedreno drivers with no effort! Lots of love to Rob Clark for all the work he’s done on freedreno (if your interested in learning more  check out freedreno on github ).

So getting a devmode mir snap demo up and running was relatively painless. However, I do want to say I found a little difference in my runs amd64 VM vs the native arm64. This resulted in some tweaks to the mir interface in snapd (which had already landed and should be in the next snapd release). Also, never use setterm when developing with Mir, that create all sorts of chaos for me 🙂 I had used setterm for convenience to prevent the screen from blanking, ended up causing failures when I was working on making sure the mir snaps could run confined.

If you follow the good ol’ mir snaps wiki, you can easily duplicate this – running the mir snaps fully confined on dragonboard core snap. Also, I wanted to point out again there are other Qt demos you can try besides the clock app – simply modify the helper file in the client example (client-start) to be something besides “clock”, for example “maroon” or “samegame”. You can do this with an HDMI monitor and mouse attached  like in this  video of various Qt apps as mir-client snaps running on dragonboard . Still need to investigate some mouse oddities that seem to only occur with apps other than clock.

And lastly, I got new toy over the weekend. I ordered a 7″ touch screen from adafruit. Here’s a quick video of the 7″ display attached. I need to tinker with it to see about getting the touch to work, but it was nice to just hook it together and the display come up.