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Meeting minutes.


20140114 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

No new update this week.

Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

Release metrics and incoming bug data can be reviewed at the following link:


Milestone Targeted Work Items

   apw    core-1311-kernel    5 work items   
      core-1311-cross-compilation    2 work items   
      core-1311-hwe-plans    1 work item   
   bjf    core-1311-dmraid2mdadm    1 work item   
   ogasawara    core-1311-kernel    3 work items   
      client-1311-xorg-general    1 work item   
   smb    core-1311-dmraid2mdadm    1 work item   
      servercloud-1311-openstack-virt    6 work items   

Status: Trusty Development Kernel

Last week we upoaded our first v3.13 based kernel for Trusty to the
archive. The most recent upload brings in a rebase to v3.13-rc8. The
AppArmor regression introduced in the original upload should already
have been resolved as well.
Important upcoming dates:
Thurs Jan 23 – Alpha 2 (~1 week away)
Thurs Feb 6 – 12.04.4 Final Release (~3 weeks away)

Status: CVE’s

The current CVE status can be reviewed at the following link:

Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates – Saucy/Raring/Quantal/Precise/Lucid

Status for the main kernels, until today (Nov. 26):

  • Lucid – Holding
  • Precise – Holding
  • Quantal – Holding
  • Saucy – Holding
    We are in a holding pattern waiting to see if any regressions show up that would cause us
    to respin before the 12.04.4 release goes out.
    Current opened tracking bugs details:
    For SRUs, SRU report is a good source of information:
    Note: Raring hit EOL and is no longer supported. However, the lts-backport-raring kernel
    *WILL* continue to be supported until the first point release of the next LTS (14.04.1).

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