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Meeting minutes.


20130122 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

R/master: still working on multiplatform, USB finally works for omap and imx, i’m getting close to a first release

Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

Release metrics and incoming bug data can be reviewed at the following link:


Milestone Targeted Work Items

   apw    hardware-r-kernel-config-review    9 work items   
      hardware-r-delta-review    4 work items   
      hardware-r-arm-kernel-maintenance    2 work items   
      hardware-r-kernel-misc    4 work items   
      foundations-r-x32-planning    2 work items   
      desktop-r-clean-old-kernels    1 work item   
   ogasawara    hardware-r-kernel-config-review    2 work items   
   ppisati    hardware-r-kernel-config-review    1 work item   
      hardware-r-kernel-version-and-flavors    2 work items   
      hardware-r-delta-review    1 work item   
   sconklin    hardware-r-arm-power-measurement    3 work items   
   rtg    hardware-r-delta-review    1 work item   

Status: Raring Development Kernel

We have rebased the Raring kernel to the latest v3.8-rc4 upstream
kernel and uploaded last week. Please test and let us know your
Important upcoming dates:

  • Raring:

    • Mon Feb 18 – 13.04 Month 4 Milestone (~4 weeks)
  • Precise:

    • Thu Feb 14 – 12.04.2 Release (~3 weeks)

Status: CVE’s

Currently we have 35 CVEs on our radar, with 1 CVE added and 1 CVE retired this week.
See the CVE matrix for the current list:

    The backlog hasn’t change this week:

Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates – Quantal/Precise/Oneiric/Lucid/Hardy

As noted last week, we’re skipping a kernel SRU cadence to allow for an additional 3 weeks of testing for the kernel that will ship with the 12.04.2 point release.
Future stable cadence cycles:


Open Discussion or Questions? Raise your hand to be recognized

trijntje requested a review of bug 1075876.