We have uploaded a new Quantal linux kernel to quantal-proposed. The most notable changes are as follows:

* Updates to the igb driver (LP: #1058188)
* Updates to the e1000/e1000e driver (LP: #1058219)
* Fixes for eDP panel on Macbook Pro Retina (LP: #1058088)
* revert ‘[Config] enable CONFIG_X86_X32=y’ (LP: #1041883)
* sched: Fix migration thread runtime bogosity (LP: #1057593)
* ACER: Add support for accelerometer sensor (LP: #1055433)
* HID: ntrig: change default value of logical/physical width/height to 1 (LP: #1044248)
* input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad fix multi-source, double-click (LP: #1055788)

The full changelog can be seen at: