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20120828 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

No new update this week.

Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

Release metrics and incoming bug data can be reviewed at the following link:

Milestone Targeted Work Items

If your name is in the above table, please review your Beta-1 work items.

   apw    hardware-q-kernel-config-review    3 work item   
      hardware-q-kernel-delta-review    3 work items   
      hardware-q-kernel-misc    1 work item   
      desktop-q-clean-old-kernels    1 work item   
   cking    hardware-q-kernel-misc    1 work item   
   ogasawara    hardware-q-kernel-misc    4 work items   
   tgardner    hardware-q-kernel-misc    1 work item   

Status: Quantal Development Kernel

We’ve recently uploaded the 3.5.0-13.13 Quantal kernel to the release
pocket. This upload most notably provides a rebase to the v3.5.3
upstream stable release. This was also uploaded to the q-lts-backport
[1] PPA to help facilitate testing of the 12.10 kernel in 12.04. We
welcome anyone to please install, test, and let us know your feedback.
Note that we are 2 days away from Beta-1 Freeze and ~1 week away from
Beta-1 intself. I do not foresee any further uploads before Thursday,
ie. Beta-1 Freeze. If there are any critical fixes which need to land,
we need to know now. Any uploades after Beta-1 Freeze will require
approval from the release team.
Important upcoming dates:

  • Thurs Aug 30 – Beta 1 Freeze (2 days)
  • Thurs Sept 6 – Beta 1 (~1 week)

Status: CVE’s

== 2012-08-28 (weekly) ==
Currently we have 88 CVEs on our radar, with two CVEs added and two CVEs retired this week.
See the CVE matrix for the current list:
Overall the backlog has decreased slightly this week:

Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates – Precise/Oneiric/Natty/Lucid/Hardy

Here is the status for the main kernels, until today (August 28):

  • Hardy – Nothing in this cycle
  • Lucid – In Testing; 3 CVEs; (6 commits)
  • Natty – Ready for -updates; 1 CVEs; (4 commits)
  • Oneiric – In Testing; 1 CVEs; 2 upstream stable release(s); (98 commits)
  • Precise – In Testing; 0 CVEs; 3 upstream stable release(s); (167 commits)

    Current opened tracking bugs details:


    For SRUs, SRU report is a good source of information:


    Future stable cadence cycles:


    NOTE: next week is the week the last Natty kernel will be built.

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