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Meeting minutes.


20120703 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

Q/omap4: Ubuntu-3.4.0-202.7 contains a new TI BSP (tilt-tracking @ 44fef05d56961d0f34178e3c7ca4e362948e3107) that fixes the video issue many reported.
A new kernel (Ubuntu-3.4.0-203.8) is already queued and it improves upon the previous one by fixing a wl oops on boot, disactivates the interactive cpufreq governor (that spammed kernel logs with thousands of “kinterative process stuck for more than 120s”) and eliminates /proc/config.gz.

Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

Release metrics and incoming bug data can be reviewed at the following link:


Milestone Targeted Work Items

If your name is in the above table, please review your Alpha-3 work items.

   apw    hardware-q-kernel-config-review    1 work item   
      hardware-q-kernel-delta-review    3 work items   
      hardware-q-kernel-versions-and-flavors    1 work item   
   cking    hardware-q-kernel-delta-review    1 work items   
   cooloney    hardware-q-kernel-config-review    1 work item   
   jjohansen    hardware-q-kernel-config-review    1 work item   
   jk-    hardware-q-kernel-config-review    2 work items   
   ogasawara    hardware-q-kernel-config-review    1 work items   
   ppisati    hardware-q-kernel-config-review    1 work item   
   tgardner    hardware-q-kernel-config-review    2 work items   
      hardware-q-kernel-delta-review    1 work items   
   kernel-team    hardware-q-kernel-config-review    3 work items   
      hardware-q-kernel-versions-and-flavors    2 work items   

Status: Quantal Development Kernel

We have recently rebased the Quantal kernel to the latest v3.5-rc5
upstream kernel and have also uploaded. This will also get uploaded to
the q-lts-backport [1] PPA to help facilitate testing of the 12.10
kernel in 12.04. We welcome any early adopters to please install, test,
and let us know your feedback.
Important upcoming dates:

  • Thurs July 26 – Alpha 3 (~3 weeks)

Status: CVE’s

== 2012-07-03 (weekly) ==
Currently we have 92 CVEs on our radar, with zero CVE retired this week.
See the CVE matrix for the current list:

    Overall the backlog has decreased slightly this week:

Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates – Precise/Oneiric/Natty/Lucid/Hardy

Here is the status for the main kernels, until today (July 3):

  • Hardy – 2.6.24-31.102 – In the grinder; 1 CVEs (4 commits)
  • Lucid – 2.6.32-41.91 – In the grinder; 2 CVEs (2 commits)
  • Natty – 2.6.38-15.61 – In the grinder; 2 CVEs (2 commits)
  • Oneiric – 3.0.0-22.36 – In the grinder; 3 upstream stable release (approx. 92 commits)
  • Precise – 3.2.0-26.41 – In the grinder; 2 upstream stable release (approx. 360 commits)

    Current opened tracking bugs details:


    For SRUs, SRU report is a good source of information:


    Future stable cadence cycles:


    The week of Sept. 6 is the week the last Natty kernel will be

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