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Meeting minutes.


20120417 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

P/omap4: the video issue was resolved (lp963512), kernel was rebased on master (3.2.0-23.36) and Ubuntu-3.2.0-1412.15 will be Precise’s omap4 kernel

Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

Release metrics and incoming bug data can be reviewed at the following link:

Milestone Targeted Work Items

All work items have now been closed \o/

Status: Precise Development Kernel

The Precise kernel is currently frozen and release candidate images are
set to be spun this Thurs Apr 19. Final release is almost 1 week away
on Thurs Apr 26. We have started queuing patches for the first kernel
SRU. This includes patches from the most recent v3.2.15 upstream stable
release. Should an additional upload be required before final release,
we will try to include a few bug fixes which have been queued. Please
note that at this point in time, all patches are subject to our SRU
policy and uploads will only be granted at the discretion of the release
Important upcoming dates:

  • Thurs Apr 19 – Release Candidate (~1 day)
  • Thurs Apr 26 – Final Release (~1 week)

Status: CVE’s

nothing to report, backlog unchanged

Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates – Oneiric/Natty/Maverick/Lucid/Hardy

Here is the status for the main kernels, until today (Apr. 17):

  • Hardy – 2.6.24-31.101 – Nothing this cycle
  • Lucid – 2.6.32-41.88 – Regression testing
  • Natty – 2.6.38-14.58 – Completed
  • Oneiric – 3.0.0-19.32 – Regression testing

    Current opened tracking bugs details:


    For SRUs, SRU report is a good source of information:


    Future stable cadence cycles:


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