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20120207 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

UUID support: Found a way to support an initrd-less kernel using GPT, an hybrid mbr and the ROOTUUID boot parameter, kernel seems to be good already.
lp709245 (“ARM SMP scheduler performance bug”): Still bisecting latest P kernel trying to find where the fix for this issue has been embedded in the TI BSP – whenever i turn on the the corresponding upstream errata (PL310_ERRATA_769419) the kernel hangs on boot, so there must be a previous patch clashing in there. Now i’m down to a ~160 commits window.
P/omap4: Nothing new to report this week.

Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

Release metrics and incoming bug data can be reviewed at the following link:

Milestone Targeted Work Items

If your name is in the above table, please review your Beta-1 work items.

   apw    hardware-p-kernel-boot    2 work items   
      hardware-p-kernel-config-review    3 work items   
      hardware-p-kernel-delta-review    2 work items   
   ogasawara    hardware-p-kernel-config-review    4 work items   
   sconklin    servercloud-p-ceph    1 work item   
   tgardner    hardware-p-kernel-delta-review    1 work item   

Blueprint: hardware-p-kernel-power-management

Power Management:

  • CPU governor testing (Intel only) (will test AMD CPUs later)

Status: Precise Development Kernel

Last week we rebased to v3.2.4 and uploaded. We’ve recently rebased to v3.2.5 and plan to upload shortly. Note that Beta-1 is on the horizon with Beta Freeze approximately 2 weeks away. We’ll be prepping our Beta-1 kernel next week. If there are any patches which need to land, submit them now.
I’d like to also note that we’ve opened the Q git repo for anyone interested (git:// At this time, it is strictly for development/testing purposes only and will not be supported until Q officially opens in the archive.
Important upcoming dates:

  • Thurs Feb 23 – Beta Freeze (~2 weeks)
  • Thurs Mar 01 – Beta 1

Status: CVE’s

Currently we have 73 CVEs on our radar, six new CVEs were added this week.
See the CVE matrix for the current list:

Overall we have pushed the backlog down by approximatly 2 CVEs this week:

We have also pushed another CVE back to security for review. This backlog
is increasing.

Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates – Oneiric/Natty/Maverick/Lucid/Hardy

Here is the status for the main kernels, until today (Jan. 24):

  • Hardy – 2.6.24-30.98

    • Nothing new this cycle.

  • Lucid – 2.6.32-38.85

    • Proposed is frozen due to 10.04.4 prep.

  • Maverick – 2.6.35-32.65

    • Regression testing.

  • Natty – 2.6.38-13.55

    • Regression testing.

  • Oneiric – 3.0.0-16.27

    • Regression testing.

      Current opened tracking bugs details:


    For SRUs, SRU report is a good source of information:


    Future stable cadence cycles:


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