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20120117 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

P/master: patches for kexec (omap3-only for now) and Beagle XM detection landed.
P/omap4: a new kernel in is the pipe (3.2.0-1404.6) – rebased on top of 3.2.0-9.16, and TILT @ c39eb96.

Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

Release metrics and incomming bug data can be reviewed at the following link:

Milestone Targeted Work Items

If your name is in the above table, please review your Alpha-2 work items. Note that Alpha-2 is Thurs Feb 2.

   apw    hardware-p-kernel-boot    1 work item   
      hardware-p-kernel-config-review    4 work items   
      hardware-p-kernel-delta-review    3 work items   
      foundations-p-ipv6    1 work item   
   jsalisbury    other-p-bug-workflows    1 work item   
   ogasawara    hardware-p-kernel-config-review    3 work items   
   tgardner    hardware-p-kernel-delta-review    1 work item   

Blueprint: hardware-p-kernel-power-management

Power Management:

  • Framebuffer colours and backgrounds:
  • Framebuffer compression:
  • LVDS down clocking:
  • Found a bunch of power consumption bugs relating to misbehaving applications, see
  • Summary and wrap-up:
  • pm-utils power.d updates now in Precise (thanks to pitti, slangasek)

Status: Precise Development Kernel

We rebased to v3.2.1 and uploaded linux-3.2.0-9.16 last friday. I’ve
also started prepping Precise LBM and plan to also open the Q git repo.
Please keep in mind that Alpha 2 is nearing (Thurs Feb 2). I plan on
uploading our final Alpha2 kernel on either the Friday or Monday prior
to the milestone. For any patches needing to land in Alpha2, they need
to be sent and applied before next Friday, Jan 27.

Status: CVE’s

=== CVE Metrics ===

Currently open CVEs for each supported branch:

In the last two weeks there have been 19 CVE added. Many of these were
older CVEs where fixes have already hit our trees so the fallout is
somewhat mitigated.

   Package    Open   
   linux Hardy    20 (+10)   
   linux Lucid    12 (+5)   
   linux Maverick    13 (+5)   
   linux Natty    13 (+4)   
   linux Oneiric    9 (+2)   
   linux Precise    7 (+1)   
   linux-ec2 Lucid    12 (+5)   
   linux-fsl-imx51 Lucid    15 (+8)   
   linux-mvl-dove Lucid    11 (+4)   
   linux-mvl-dove Maverick    11 (+4)   
   linux-ti-omap4 Maverick    16 (+7)   
   linux-ti-omap4 Natty    12 (+3)   
   linux-ti-omap4 Oneiric    8 (+1)   
   linux-ti-omap4 Precise    7 (+1)   
   linux-lts-backport-maverick Lucid    13 (+5)   
   linux-lts-backport-natty Lucid    13 (+4)   
   linux-lts-backport-oneiric Lucid    9 (+2)   

Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates – Oneiric/Natty/Maverick/Lucid/Hardy

Here is the status for the main kernels, until today (Jan. 17):

  • Hardy – 2.6.24-30.98

    • In updates. Next kernel will be prep’d next week.

  • Lucid – 2.6.32-38.82

    • In “regression testing”. There has been a single report of a regression
      (bug 915788). However the submitter has been non-resposive since the
  • Launchpad bug 915788 in linux (Ubuntu) “kernel issues linux-image-2.6.32-37-generic” [Medium,Confirmed]
    initial report.

    • Maverick – 2.6.35-32.64

      • Waiting to be copied to updates.

    • Natty – 2.6.38-13.53

      • In “regression testing”.

    • Oneiric – 3.0.0-15.25

      • In “regression testing”.

        Current opened tracking bugs details:


      For SRUs, SRU report is a good source of information:


      Future stable cadence cycles:


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