We have uploaded a new Oneiric linux kernel. Please note the ABI bump.
The most notable changes are as follows:

* Rebase to upstream stable v3.0.4
* Drop compcache
* Enable and enforce SECCOMP_FILTER on x86
* ALSA: HDA: hdmi: Emit pcm device index for jack input devices
* x86: reboot: Make Dell Latitude E6520 use reboot=pci
* Input: elantech – Add v3 hardware support
* usb_storage: Don’t freeze in usb-stor-scan
* xen: Do not use pv spinlocks on HVM
* Input: bcm5974 – add support for touchpads found in MacBookAir4,2
* Input: bcm5974 – Add support for newer MacBookPro8,2
* Kernel build time performance improvements
* Misc config updates

The full changelog can be found at: