Hi Folks,
It is that time again. Time for our regularly scheduled Bug Day [0]. Like last time we will be focusing on the bugs in the new state. We had a great amount of work done last time, and I’d like for us to keep that momentum going. There are a number of these bugs that have been improperly set to New when they should be either Triaged or Confirmed. My goal is for us to get as many of them properly set as possible. Additionally, we’d like to perform our basic triage on the ones that are, in fact, new. This includes a brief review of the information that has been provided and a request for what is missing so that we can get as many as possible into the triaged state for further review by the team.
I’d like to take a moment and thank those people on the team for working on the bugs with patches that we have. Through their efforts the number is the lowest it has been since I started here. There has also been quite a bit of effort put into continual review of the regression-proposed bugs. We now have them in a good place. All of this is due to the extra effort the team has put in, in addition to the massive amounts of work they normally do to achieve this. Thanks guys for your efforts. 🙂

Parties interested in beginning triage or if you have questions about what to do, or if you just find yourself stuck on a bug and are not certain how to continue, please reach out to me in the #ubuntu-kernel channel on FreeNode. I’m always there, and I am always willing to help. 🙂

[0] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BugTriage/BugDay