Meeting Minutes

IRC Log of the meeting.

Meeting minutes.


20110125 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

Nothing new

Release Metrics

Release Meeting Bugs (11 bugs, 11 Blueprints)

Alpha 2 Milestoned Bugs (22 across all packages (down 7))

  • 1 linux kernel bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-ti-omap bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)

Release Targeted Bugs (211 across all packages (up 67))

  • 20 linux kernel bugs (up 8)
  • 0 linux-ti-omap bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)

Milestoned Features

  • 6 blueprints (Including HWE Blueprints)

Maverick Updates Bugs

  • 56 Linux Bugs (no change)

Lucid Updates Bugs

  • 95 Linux Bugs (down 2)

Bugs with Patches Attached:104 (down 41)

Blueprints: Natty Bug Handling

There are a number of items in various stages of flight. I will be following up with those parties I am holding for information on, but I will begin aggressively closing these items.

Blueprints: Kernel Configuration Review

PV on HVM support (XEN_PCI_PLATFORMDEV) testing is mow complete. The only other remaining action here currently is to report on the final config at beta time, this is waiting on the final kernel version.

Blueprints: Enhancements to the firmware test suite

Changes to fwts (natty development branch):

  • add uefidump to dump out annotated uefi vars from /sys/firmware/efi/vars
  • fix cmosdump hex dump (it was dumping too much data)
  • klog test: add test to check for “Denied AML access to ports”
  • add -s4-min-delay, –s4-max-delay, –s4-delay-delta options

Blueprints: Review of the Stable Maintenance Process (sconklin / bjf)

Nothing new

Status: Cert. Team

So, I need to cover a couple of things today. The first one is the SRU testing for Maverick and Lucid.
Lucid is looking well, we have already covered 62 of the scheduled 75 systems, and we haven’t found any regressions on those. Maverick, we have covered 67 systems of the 75 that we have scheduled. Same thing, so far, we haven’t found any regressions. I would like to point out that we are now using the SRU test suite that Jeff put together.
As usual, you can check the progress of our testing at:
We want to finish testing Lucid today, to be able to have CDs from -updates as soon as possible. We will follow up the tracker bugs once we are done.
The second thing I wanted to cover is those bugs that are blocking certification for some of the systems that should be certified for 11.04. The list of those bugs can be retrieved at:
Please, check the list to avoid those bugs be forgotten.

Why is bug #686333 on that list? Isn’t that a wishlist item?

Blueprints: Ubuntu Kernel Delta Review

All 19 of the 19 personal patch reviews are now done, and all of the outcomes applied. Some work remains on compcache which is now superceeded by zram in staging, but some userspace work is required to switch to it.

Blueprints: Kernel Version and Flavours

Nothing new.

Status: Ecryptfs

– moved underlying fs checks to mount time
– fixed uninitialized value bug
– fixed bug where using interposed dentry value before dentry was interposed
– fixed unencoded shortname being containing invalid values (/00) this would cause problem with older versions of ecryptfs if they tried to list the files in the directory
– experimenting with Graceful fallback, where shortname can be used regardless of longname xattr – this allows
– graceful fallback if longname xattr is missing
– older versions of ecryptfs to mount dirs with longname xattrs, though the longname xattrs may become wrong then
– still need to deal with:
– collision of shortnames with
– other shortnames
– plaintext pass through files
– refcounting of shared xattr name, or making xattr name uniq to dir + shortname

Question: Are upstream taking your patches?

Answer: I am going to post out the latest to ecryptfs mailing list today, and am hoping to push out to LKML later this week.

Status: Natty

The main distro kernel remains at 2.6.37-12.26 (v2.6.37 final based). We are about to upload a v2.6.38-rc2 + git based kernel, this seems to be the first mostly stable version. Much testing will be needed. Good progress the last couple of weeks on work-items, and we are close to caught up for alpha-2 and well below the line overall.

Security & bugfix kernels – Maverick/Lucid/Karmic/Hardy/Dapper (sconklin / bjf)

We’ve entered the testing phase of the current kernel cycle. The next cycle timing may
be affected by the Lucid .2 release, but the stable kernel team will proceed as normal
and produce kernels for -proposed.

We encountered a regression in the Maverick -proposed kernel that affected user with
Radeon hardware. The offending patch was identified and reverted, and the new kernel
in -proposed has been verified to be fixed. This is the bug for that issue:

Package    Upd/Sec    Proposed    TiP    Verified   
dapper linux-source-2.6.15    2.6.15-55.90    2.6.15-55.91    0    0   
hardy linux    2.6.24-28.81    2.6.24-28.84    0    0   
karmic linux-ec2    2.6.31-307.23    2.6.31-307.24    0    0   
— linux    2.6.31-22.70    2.6.31-22.71    0    0   
lucid linux-ec2    2.6.32-311.23    2.6.32-312.24    5    5   
— linux-meta-lts-backport-maverick    0    0   
— linux-lts-backport-maverick    2.6.35-22.34~lucid1    2.6.35-23.41~lucid1    0    0   
— linux    2.6.32-27.49    2.6.32-28.55    5    5   
— linux-meta    0    0   
— linux-meta-ec2    0    0   
maverick linux-backports-modules-2.6.35    2.6.35-24.15    2.6.35-25.16    0    0   
— linux-meta-ti-omap4    0    0   
— linux-meta    0    0   
— linux    2.6.35-24.42    2.6.35-25.44    21    21   

Incoming Bugs: Regressions

Incoming Bugs
93 Natty Bugs (up 36)
1116 Maverick Bugs (down 7)
994 Lucid Bugs (down 51)
Current regression stats (broken down by release):


  • 30 maverick bugs (up 5)
  • 74 lucid bugs (down 1)
  • 6 karmic bugs (no change)
  • 0 hardy bugs (no change)


  • 218 maverick bugs (up 30)
  • 203 lucid bugs (up 8)
  • 38 karmic bugs (down 1)
  • 2 hardy bugs (no change)


  • 17 maverick bugs (up 4)
  • 3 lucid bugs (no change)
  • 1 karmic bug (no change)

Incoming Bugs: Bug day report

The next bug day will be on Tuesday next week. I have sent out the e-mail for it and I will also be blogging to our team voices page.

Triage Status

We have gotten a lot of help from various people in the #ubuntu-bugs channel. I’d like to thank charlie-tca specifically and several others in there whose nicks escape me at the moment for directing questions about kernel bugs to me. There have also been a ton of requests through irc to look at specific bugs. In those cases, and many like them, I am directing folks to the bug triage pages of our wiki. I hope that some of these folks will become regular triagers, but that remains to be seen. 🙂

Open Discussion or Questions: Raise your hand to be recognized

  • David Henningsson asked about the status of the “document derivative flavour” work item. Andy reported that
    it is still on his list but not done and not a high priority. They took the discussion to the #ubuntu-kernel
    irc channel to hash it out some more.