Meeting Minutes

IRC Log of the meeting.

Meeting minutes.


20101130 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

  • Marvel (mvl-dove)

    • Nothing new this week.
  • Freescale (fsl-imx51)

    • Discussed merging their latest 2.6.35 BSP to our kernel tree. Might be Maverick.
  • Texas Instruments (ti-omap)

    • Tested Linaro 2.6.35 prebuilt kernel and Linaro 2.6.37 based kernel from their tree on OMAP Beagle board.
    • Linaro kernel works fine with Maverick and Natty minimal root file system.

Release Metrics

Release Meeting Bugs (6 bugs, 14 Blueprints)
==== Alpha 1 Milestoned Bugs (14 across all packages (up 1)) ====

  • 0 linux kernel bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-ti-omap bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)
    ==== Release Targeted Bugs (103 across all packages (up 8)) ====
  • 5 linux kernel bugs (up 2)
  • 0 linux-ti-omap bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)
    ==== Milestoned Features ====
  • 6 blueprints (Including HWE Blueprints)
    ==== Bugs with Patches Attached:142 (up 2) ====
  • Bugs with Patches
  • Breakdown by status

Blueprints: Natty Bug Handling

  • Started on the list of bugs from the 5 teams that we identified as being where our most critical bugs come from.
    The list is available in its current form:
    It is still very rudimentary, but your feedback on it is still welcome.
  • I’ve also changed the bugs with patches item to in progress due to my initial review of the bugs as they currently
    stand. I have also begun doing some draft documentation on how to address these bugs in the proper way. I will
    be working with several of you to further refine this information in the near future.
  • Started looking at the arsenal scripts we have currently with a view toward getting them back running daily. I
    have several tasks identified for this week concerning documenting their process as well as working with
    Deryck H to address the limitation on how many can be processed at one shot.

Blueprints: Kernel Configuration Review

All configuration changes from the UDS review session are now applied and uploaded. Also the AGP drivers of interest have been identified and moved built-in. An ubuntu kernel with XEN_PCI_PLATFORMDEV has been tested in an Amazon Cluster Compute image. Further testing is needed within an Ubuntu Cluster Compute image, and testing is needed to see if it isn’t causing some of the issues in Bug #669496. Work benchmarking the effect of changing HZ is ongoing with a report due by natty-alpha-1.

Blueprints: Enhancements to the firmware test suite

Changes to fwts (natty development branch):

  • ACPI method testing: add some more advice feedback, check for infinite
    loop exeception errors.
  • bios mtrr tests: skip MtrrFixDramModEn test for non-AMD CPUs
  • acpitables: some MADT / APIC sanity checks, dump out P_LVL3_LAT correctly
  • bios mtrr tests: skip MtrrFixDramModEn test for non-AMD CPUs
  • acpitables: some MADT / APIC sanity checks, dump out P_LVL3_LAT correctly
  • get ACPI version number from /sys/module/acpi/parameters/acpica_version
  • various build warning fixes

Blueprints: Handling of Deviations from Standard Kernels

I added the deviation docs to the kernel trees. So last thing todo is the script.

Blueprints: Review of the Stable Maintenance Process (sconklin / bjf)

The first pass through the process went well, although we didn’t hold strictly to a two-week cadence, as we started with kernels ready for verification.
We had great help from certification on this, and they will have a representative joining us in this meeting starting next week.
We learned a lot and are refining the process, documented here:

    In preparation for the beginning of the next stable kernel release, we ask that commits to all -next branches be held until the
    stable kernel team has completed merging those changes with the master branches.
    We will announce on ubuntu-kernel-team mailing list when the -next branches are open again.

Blueprints: Ubuntu Kernel Delta Review

A number of small changes dropping old no longer required patches. 13 of the 19 personal patch reviews are now done. Some of these are likely to miss the natty-alpha-1 deadline, but none are release critical for the milestone.

Blueprints: Kernel Version and Flavours

Preliminary testing of the Linaro OMAP3 kernel suggests it does contain the require Ubuntu delta and will boot the Beagle board (our target platform). We are waiting on working ARM CD images to allow substitution of this kernel for further Ubuntu feature testing. As ARM CDs are not expected until the end of the week some of this is likely to miss natty-alpha-1; work items moved out as appropriate.

Status: Natty

The final kernel for natty-alpha-1 (2.6.37-7.18) has been uploaded, built and is in the archive. This is a v2.6.37-rc3 based kernel carrying all of the configuration harmonisation and much of the Ubuntu patch delta review feedback. We are expecting to upload a futher kernel carrying a v2.6.37-rc4 rebase as soon as the milestone freeze lifts. Please test the alpha CDs once they come out.

Security & bugfix kernels – Maverick/Lucid/Karmic/Hardy/Dapper (sconklin / bjf)

      Upd./Sec.    Proposed    TiP    Verified   
   Dapper: Kernel    2.6.15-55.89            
   Hardy: Kernel    2.6.24-28.81            
   = LRM            
   Karmic: Kernel    2.6.31-22.69            
   = mvl-dove    2.6.31-214.32            
   = ec2    2.6.31-307.21            
   Lucid: Kernel    2.6.32-26.48            
   = LBM    2.6.32-25.24    2.6.32-26.25         
   = mvl-dove    2.6.32-209.27            
   = fsl-imx51    2.6.31-608.19    2.6.31-608.20         
   = ec2    2.6.32-309.18            
   = lts-backport-maverick            
   Maverick: Kernel    2.6.35-23.41            
   = mvl-dove    2.6.32-410.27    2.6.32-412.28         
   = ti-omap4    2.6.35-903.18            
  • In the last week, a security update was prepared and released.

Incoming Bugs: Regressions

Incoming Bugs
19 Natty Bugs (up 7)
1088 Maverick Bugs (up 26)
1109 Lucid Bugs (up 21)
Current regression stats (broken down by release):


As this tag is deprecated, this listing is only to ensure that I keep it on my radar until
changes to the apport hooks and my processing of the currently tagged bugs is completed.

  • 1 natty bugs
  • 394 maverick bugs
  • 178 lucid bugs


  • 23 maverick bugs (up 3)
  • 81 lucid bugs (up 3)
  • 6 karmic bugs (no change)
  • 0 hardy bugs (no change)


  • 167 maverick bugs (up 11)
  • 199 lucid bugs (up 7)
  • 40 karmic bugs (no change)
  • 2 hardy bugs (no change)


  • 13 maverick bugs (no change)
  • 6 lucid bugs (no change)
  • 1 karmic bug (no change)

Triage Status

The first iteration of the Bug List is running hourly. It is available:
As always your feedback on it is much appreciated.
Bug Expiration seems to be working. I have seen several bugs Expired by the system recently. I am trying to work out how
to see what is being expired (number wise) versus what we would have expired with our arsenal script. This is mainly to see
if the process is working as we expect so that I can provide that feedback to the LP team.

Incoming Bugs: Bug day report

The next bug day will be next Tuesday covering regression-update bugs. there are 118 bugs that need to
be looked at, the majority of which will need to be tested against the latest released version and the current version in
development. I’ll send out an e-mail today concerning the day. I’ll also post a blog post on our voices page.