On Saturday September 11th the Kernel Team will take the first in what I hope to be a series of steps toward educating ourselves and our community in the triage of the thousands of bugs that pass our way daily.

My goal for this event is to begin the process of training those interested in helping with kernel bugs in the way we process our bug tickets. This first event is meant to help us both educate and document. The information on the first ever Triage Summit is located on the wiki here.

As with everything we do, your feedback is appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to send us e-mail to the team list at kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com or even on the wiki page itself. Your feedback will go a long way toward our plans for future events like this.

The schedule for Saturday is as follows:

1) at 1400 UTC we will hold a General session centered around providing information as to where to locate us, who our upstreams are and where to find them as well as the new subsystem breakdown of bugs to help us gather related issues more easily and get them in front of the right people.

2) at 1500 UTC there will be a session on Graphics and all of its related bits and bytes. There will be a focus on basic, effective triage for this subset as well as locations to find troubleshooting information and further reading on Graphics issues

3) at 1600 UTC there will be a session on audio bugs and the related subsystem parts involved there. This session will also have a basic troubleshooting and location portion so as to guide those interested in triaging audio bugs with further information.

4) at 1700 UTC we will have something of a lightning round in which we briefly discuss the USB/Firewire and Bluetooth stacks as well as helpful debugging and triage steps for this subset of bugs

As stated before, your feedback on these sessions as well as the documentation that will be provided will be most helpful to us. You are also welcome to approach us for other avenues of support. We are always looking for more help on a variety of kernel related areas such as documentation, bugs and spelling/grammar applications 🙂 so please don’t hesitate to ask how you can help.

I look forward to seeing a great many of you at the Summit on Saturday!