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2010-07-06 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

  • Marvel (mvl-dove)

    • Nothing new this week
  • Freescale (fsl-imx51)

    • Nothing new this week
  • Texas Instruments (ti-omap)

    • REBASE : ti-omap4 branch is now at 901.4.
    • PATCH : Patches applied which raise uevents to load Syslink driver modules
    • PATCH : ti-omap4 patches posted for review – sebjan requested to do the same
    • PATCH : Several patches from TI have been reviewed and merged into our kernel
    • ON GOING : B593650 was once again reproducible – this is next on mpoirier’s hit-list
    • ON GOING : B601226 patch has been sent upstream – awaiting feedback
    • ON GOING : B592295 a patch and RFC has been set out by TI – awaiting feedback
    • ON GOING : B477106 is sleeping until further notice
    • FIXED : B594382 was fixed in rc4 – was probing for daisy-chain event rather than daisy-chain en bit

Release Metrics

Bugs (Release Meeting Bugs / RC Milestoned Bugs / Release Targeted Bugs)
Release Meeting Bugs (4 bugs, 9 Blueprints)

Alpha 3 Milestoned Bugs (46 across all packages (down 5))

  • 4 linux kernel bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-fsl-imx51 bugs
  • 0 linux-ec2 bugs
  • 0 linux-mvl-dove bugs
  • 1 linux-ti-omap bugs (up 1)
  • 1 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)

Release Targeted Bugs (102 across all packages (down 5))

  • 7 linux kernel bugs (no change)
  • 2 linux-fsl-imx51 bugs
  • 0 linux-ec2 bugs
  • 2 linux-mvl-dove bugs
  • 3 linux-ti-omap bugs (up 1)
  • 1 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)

Milestoned Features

  • 14 blueprints (Includes HWE Blueprints)

Bugs with Patches Attached:120 (up 5)

  • Breakdown by status:

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-apparmor

  • Bug #599450 – more complicated than originally though due to semantic issues. atm done with kernel side, current plan is to handle rest user side.
  • Bug #602261 – looks to be AppArmor exacerbating Bug #600359. Have applied a kernel patch that should reduce this by adjusting AA policy memory allocations, and have also applied some patches to user space tools reduce memory usage.
  • Bug #581525 – Partial kernel fix in place, still triggers in one case that is currently being examined. Userspace portion of fix is being tested.
  • Next submit is queued, and ready to go out pending regression tests that are running on the updated rebase.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-misc

Nothing new to report.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-new-kernel-on-lts

Nothing new to report.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-pv-ops-ec2-kernel

Received confirmation from Amazon contacts that pv-ops based kernels should work in EC2, and that the xsave hypercall needs to be disabled or there will be issues with booting kernels. Have built a test kernel but haven’t tested yet.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-ubuntu-delta-review

Nothing new to report.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-config-review

Nothing new to report.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-bug-handling

Location chosen for the Triage Summit. It will be a combination of the #ubuntu-classroom and the #ubuntu-kernel channels. The classroom will be for the instructional sessions and the kernel channel will be used for wiki development and further discussion. Let me know your thoughts on this. We’ll be discussing classes, scheduling and topics at the Rally next week.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-upstart

Nothing new to report.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-bios-test-automation

Nothing new to report.

Status: Maverick

The Maverick kernel was rebased to the latest 2.6.35-rc4 mainline kernel last week and is currently availble for testing in the latest 2.6.35-7.12 upload. 2.6.35-rc5 was released yesterday. We’ll rebase our Maverick tree today and upload for testing.
Alpha 3 is Thurs Aug 5th which is ~3weeks away. We are above the Alpha 3 burn down chart’s trend line, so please review the list of work items for Alpha 3 and start closing out tasks. Remember you won’t have as much time to tackle work items next week due to the sprint.

Security & bugfix kernels – Karmic/Jaunty/Intrepid/Hardy/Others

Security update is prepared and pending, waiting for Lucid proposed moving to updates.
Karmic uploads have been rejected on my request for now. We try to restore normality if we know what that is anyway.

   Upd./Sec.    Proposed    TiP    Verified    Verified
Dapper: Kernel    2.6.15-55.84            
Hardy: Kernel    2.6.24-28.71            
Jaunty: Kernel    2.6.28-19.61            
Karmic: Kernel    2.6.31-22.60            
= mvl-dove    2.6.31-214.28            
= fsl-imx51    2.6.31-112.28            
= ec2    2.6.31-307.15            
Lucid: Kernel    2.6.32-23.37    2.6.32-24.38    8    1/ 4 (+ 1)    1/ 4 (+ 1)
= LBM    2.6.32-23.16    2.6.32-24.17    7    0/ 1    0/ 1
= mvl-dove    2.6.32-206.19    2.6.32-207.20    5    1/ 4 (+ 1)    1/ 4 (+ 1)
= fsl-imx51    2.6.31-608.15            
= ti-omap    2.6.33-502.8            
= ec2    2.6.32-307.12    2.6.32-308.13    5    1/ 4 (+ 1)    1/ 4 (+ 1)

Incoming Bugs and Regressions

Incoming Bugs:

”’Version”’    ”’Count”’    ”’Count”’
Maverick    59 (+9)    59 (+9)
Lucid    1049 (+21)    1049 (+21)

Current regression stats:

”’Version”’    ”’Potential”’    ”’Update”’    ”’Release”’    ”’Proposed”’    ”’Proposed”’
maverick    35 (+8)            
lucid    223 (-1:)    40    160 (+9)    2 (+1)    2 (+1)
karmic       6    45    1    1
jaunty       4    19      
hardy       1    2      

Incoming Bugs: Bug day report

The Community bug Day next week has been canceled due to the Platform Rally. It will resume the week after the Rally. I’ll be sending an e-mail update next week concerning the items that we will be focusing on. Also, it was determined that there is a need to hold our Kernel Tema Bug Day earlier in this week due to the travel time needed to arrive at the Platform Rally. We will be holding the Team Bug Day tomorrow, Wednesday 14 July. The expectation is that all platform kernel engineers will look at a minimum of 5 bugs each. The day will start at 8AM PST and run for about 3 hours. This is so that we can chat about the bugs being worked so as to avoid duplicating any efforts.
there is a calendar item for the bug day tomorrow.

Open Discussion or Questions: Anyone have anything?

  • Please note that there will not be a Kernel team meeting next week.
  • There is a kernel triage chat tomorrow afternoon at 4PM EST any Kernel Engineers interested in backing me up are welcome to attend :). -) more info there
  • Launchpad bug 594837 in linux (Ubuntu) “Lucid SRU: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 hang on resume from suspend (SCI_EN)” [High,In progress]

    • This is still pending review at (4 weeks). I think this affects a good number of users who would like it fixed in Lucid sooner rather than later. I think its a safe fix (its in Maverick).
    • Is it time for us to SRU this for Lucid or shall we continue to wait for stable?
    • lucid is now undergoing a security update, so it’ll be a while before we can put anything new in there.