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2010-06-29 Meeting Agenda

Open action: manjo to send a firewire patch with test info

manjo    I believe pgraner tested this with kino and dvgrab and reported it to work.
manjo    I had submitted a bzr patch making the switch to ubuntu kernel mailing list,
manjo    waiting for tgardner or Keybuk to pick this up.
tgardner    hmm, I think we’re still awaiting some test results
Keybuk    hmm? I don’t do kernel stuff
manjo    tgardner, test results from ?
tgardner    Keybuk, its just a matter of swizzling some blacklists
tgardner    manjo, results from pgraner et al
Keybuk    ah, the old kansas city shuffle
manjo    tgardner, ok
tgardner    how about Luke’s audio supprt changes?
tgardner    wasn’t there an app that needed updating?
manjo    he was going to upgrade some of the audio packages
manjo    and he volunteered to do it
tgardner    manjo, has he done so?
manjo    tgardner, I will check with him again today
tgardner    manjo, once we have a synopsis of resul;ts, then I’ll make the blacklist changes
manjo    tgardner, ack

Open action: JFo to put out a CFT on new firewire stack

No status, JFo on vacation

Release Metrics

No status, JFo on vacation

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-apparmor

Synced latest upstreaming version of AA into Maverick. Marc Deslauriers already hit Bug #599450 which testing missed. I am looking at it and it should be a quick fix.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-firewire-stack

Covered in the open action item.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-misc

No status, apw on vacation

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-new-kernel-on-lts

The Lucid LTS backport kernel from Maverick continues to track the Maverick kernel.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-pv-ops-ec2-kernel

no change. I just started looking at this again and will have a new test kernel today

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-tracing-support

Nothing new, development work is done, should be removed from meeting schedule.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-ubuntu-delta-review

All Alpha2 work items are complete. Nothing new to report.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-union-mounts

No status, apw on vacation

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-bug-handling

No status, JFo on vacation

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-upstart

No status, apw on vacation

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-bios-test-automation

Changes to Firmware Test Suite this week:
  7 Additional tests:
      maxfreq: check CPU freq scaling max frequency against CPU max freq.
      cstates: measure C states across CPUs and check activity when loaded
      WMI: inspect DSDT for WMIs and dump out WMI methods and events (for hotkeys).
      lid: interactive lid event detection test.
  Other improvements + fixes:
      klog scanning: use pcre rather than glibc regex.
      Improved progress feedback (-p, --show-progress).
      mtrr: check for MTRR config of VGA regions by BIOS.
      mttr: fix prefetchable region detection bug
      Add batch or interactive modes of testing.
      Include 800+ example klog errors to test against.

Status: Maverick

We uploaded a last minute linux-2.6.35-6.8 Alpha2 kernel on Sunday to resolve bug 597904 which was a blocker for building Alpha2 arm images. We will essentially be uploading a 0-day Alpha2 kernel, linux-2.6.35-6.9, to resolve bug 588861. I’ve been given the green light to upload it late Wed. We currently have it uploaded to our kernel-ppa as an interim solution.

All of our team’s Alpha2 work items are complete, so good job everyone. Alpha 3 is Thurs Aug 5th which is a little over a month away. Please review the list of work items for Alpha 3:

ARM Status

- Marvel (mvl-dove):
    Nothing new this week.
- Freescale (fsl-imx51):
    Nothing new this week.
- Texas Instruments (ti-omap):
    In Maverick, cooloney prepared a branch which includes some ASoC audio and
    other fixes for git pull.
- Bugs:
    cooloney went through the omap bug list, located here:
    Closed a bug to won't fix. Nothing new on other bugs.

Security & bugfix kernels – Karmic/Jaunty/Intrepid/Hardy/Others

Dapper:      2.6.15-55.84  (security)
Hardy:       2.6.24-28.70  (security)
             2.6.24-28.71  (proposed)[11]  0 / 1 verifications done
Jaunty:      2.6.28-19.61  (security)
Karmic:      2.6.31-22.60  (security)
             2.6.31-22.61  (waiting for approval)
 - mvl-dove  2.6.31-214.28 (security)
             2.6.31-214.29 (waiting for approval)
 - fsl-imx51 2.6.31-112.28 (security)
             2.6.31-112.29 (waiting for approval)
 - ec2       2.6.31-307.15 (security)
             2.6.31-307.16 (waiting for approval)
Lucid:       2.6.32-22.36  (security)
             2.6.32-23.37  (proposed)[18] 14/39 verifications done
 - LBM       2.6.32-23.37  (proposed)[15]  3/ 3 verifications done
 - mvl-dove  2.6.32-205.18 (security)
             2.6.32-206.19 (proposed)[11] 13/41 verifications done (+ 1)
 - fsl-imx51 2.6.31-608.14 (security)
             2.6.31-608.15 (proposed)[11]  4/ 8 verifications done (+ 2)
 - ti-omap   2.6.33-501.7  (security)
             2.6.33-502.8  (proposed)[11]  0/ 4 verifications done
 - qcm-msm   2.6.31-802.4  (security)
             2.6.31-802.5  (proposed)[11]  1/ 5 verifications done
 - ec2       2.6.32-306.11 (security)
             2.6.32-307.12 (proposed)[11] 12/38 verifications done

It seems Martin was relatively happy with the current state so Lucid might move to updates at some point in the near future

Incoming Bugs and Regression Stats

No status, JFo on vacation

Incoming Bugs: Bug day report

No status, JFo on vacation

Open Discussion or Questions

abogani2    I would want only inform you that I placed -lowlatency and -realtime kernel on Zinc and in my PPA ( for review. Ever if anyone have time and chance to do it. 😉
kamal    regarding bug 594837 …
ubottu    Launchpad bug 594837 in linux (Ubuntu) “Lucid SRU: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 hang on resume from suspend (SCI_EN)” [High,Confirmed]
kamal    still no response to the patch I submitted to 14 days ago:
kamal    [PATCH] ACPI: Unconditionally set SCI_EN on resume
kamal    should we continue to wait, or move forward with a Lucid SRU, or something else?
smb    kamal, Greg seems to have re-surfaced recently
smb    kamal, But you might re-ask
maks_    stable was on vacation.
kamal    maybe I’ll give it another week then, thanks.
lag    I’d like to request that the ARM Status item is brought forward i.e. placed nearer the top of the agenda. Otherwise; if the meeting goes on longer than 45-60mins I will be unable to present the item as I have to leave imminently for ‘other things’. 🙂
bjf    lag, i have no problem with that
bjf    lag, i’ll make it so
lag    I don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes
bjf    lag, it was an arbitrary decision on my part, i can change it
lag    Great, thanks