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2010-09-03 Meeting Agenda

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  1. None

Lucid Release Status: Bugs

Beta 1 Milestoned Bugs Release Targeted Bugs
linux 1 28
linux-fsl-imx51 2 2
linux-ec2 0 1
linux-mvl-dove 1 2

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-bug-handling

Almost done with the analysis of the X debugging pages. JFo will update the team on the current state of the Kernel Team pages and an initial draft of recommended changes to the structure and layout via the e-mail list. Will have the arsenal scripts running (not in dry run mode) by the end of this week.

  • I’m almost ready to present my findings on the X wiki debug pages and how I’d like to restructure the Kernel Team pages. I hope to send something on this to the list this week

  • I am reworking the way the arsenal scripts gather and process bugs so that I can extend the ‘reach’ of the script deeper into the backlog. I’ll probably do a rather intense round of bug processing during the lull after release freeze.

  • I sent out an e-mail to the c-k-t list (meant to send to the k-t list) regarding a wiki page describing the rationale for automated bug processing. Please provide some feedback. I’d like to get this URL integrated into the arsenal scripts soon.

Blueprints: kerne-lucid-kernel-config-review

Discussion thread started on the remaining sub-systems and PATA/SATA driver status. Should have patches for immediatly after Beta-1.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-kms

We are seeing a lot of issues with i945 and older graphics cards, which includes all the atom netbooks. This is looking to be new occurance of the i915.powersave problems, we will disable powersaving for these ‘older’ cards by default.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-suspend-resume

Looks like we are getting some useful information as a result of the patch to measure suspend resume times. I am currently looking at the suspend/resume bugs filed recently and trying to get a sense of any common elements we can find.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-apparmor-development

The latest upstream push is ready go out.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-boot-performance

The ureadahead patches are with Foundations for testing. Again we should have results in time for the first upload after Beta-1.

Other Release Tasks: Lucid Audio Support

Nothing significantly new this week.

I’m several days into my als-driver bug survey and have looked at almost 200 bugs. I’m basicly going through them one by one and adding tags onto them. If they have not had any action for more than a couple months I’m requesting a test of a dev image and the mainline kernel. I’m pretty amazed at the number of bugs that have not seen any attention since their initial submission.

The biggest buckets are “no sound at all” and “internal mic not working”. There are a few that look like upgrade isses, people running out and buying the latest HW expecting it to “just work”, etc.

I also see that there are a bunch of bugs that are “past expiration”. I asked around about this and was told that the bot that ran around marking these “invalid” had to be turned off because it wasn’t smart enought and was invalidating bugs it shouldn’t. I was told that a new status is being created “Expired” specifically for these bugs and that the bot would be smartened up. This work is supposed to happen this month.

Other Release Tasks: Lucid Better Power Mgt

The release team has pretty much veto’d putting the pmutils functionality in as it didn’t hit b-1. The rest has been postponed due to workload.

Other Release Tasks: EC2 Lucid Kernel Status

Working on Launchpad bug 527208 in linux-ec2 “ec2 instance fails boot, no console output on c1.xlarge” [High,Confirmed]

Have confirmed that it isn’t exhibiting under similar circumstances in rackspace cloud. I haven’t made anymore progress on testing pv-ops.

Status: Lucid

Lucid remains at stable v2.6.32.9, though v2.6.32.10 is now available and will be applied once Beta-1 is over. We have commited patches to expose the DRM backports version such that when v2.6.33.1 DRM patches we can tell that that has occured in bug reports. We have also changed the default settings for the CDROM trays to allow direct removal of disks, userspace will handle this shortly.

All of the main kernels (linux, linux-fsl-imx51, linux-mvl-dove, linux-qcm-msm, and linux-ec2) remain unchanged from last week. linux-ti-omap was just accepted into the archive. Anything which requires a kernel change will have to wait until after beta-1 and will have to pass the abbreviated SRU process (2 acks required).

Security & Bugfix Kernels

Dapper 2.6.15-55.82 (security)
Hardy 2.6.24-27.65 (security)
  2.6.24-27.67 (updates)
Intrepid 2.6.27-17.45 (security)
Jaunty 2.6.28-18.59 (security)
Karmic 2.6.31-19.57 (security)
LBM 2.6.31-20.22 (updates)
mvl-dove 2.6.31-211.22 (security)
fsl-imx51 2.6.31-108.21 (security)
  2.6.31-108.23 (proposed)[12] 0/ 1 verifications done (+0)
ec2 2.6.31-304.11 (updates)

Security update is expected somewhen today (after some final tests)

Incoming Bugs: Regressions

Current regression stats (broken down by release):

regression-potential (up 30)

  • 88 lucid bugs

regression-update (no change)

  • 11 karmic bugs
  • 5 jaunty bugs
  • 2 intrepid bugs
  • 1 hardy bug

regression-release (no change)

  • 54 karmic bugs
  • 22 jaunty bugs
  • 11 intrepid bugs
  • 4 hardy bugs

regression-proposed (no change)

  • 1 karmic bug

Incoming Bugs: Bug day report

Today is another Kernel Team ‘regression-‘ bug day. Thanks for working on these last week. I’ll be looking at the schedule for the rest of this release and proposing more bug days to work out regressions to Pete for inclusion in the schedule. I anticipate that, as we move closer to the release freeze, we will probably do more than one bug day a week, but I want to see what the timeframe looks like before I propose that.

I didn’t get to schedule a community bug day today as I had planned. I will get things ready to hold another bug day against bugs with patches attached for next week.

Open Discussion or Questions

  1. Nothing new this week.