On marketing and perception, part 3/3

Note: nothing written here should be seen as an endorsement or anything by Canonical or any other party. This is just me being a comedian speculating on things.

By now we have seen that in the world of marketing black is white and outside is downside or something to that effect. Let’s apply our newly found knowledge to a real world issue. If we were to design a new “image” for Ubuntu using the guidelines given, what would it look like.

First we need to determine what Ubuntu is. It is an operating system. Therefore we must not ever mention that fact. Or the fact that it is scalable, has high performance or any other attribute that can be quantified.

Then we need to determine what it is not. Reading through Internet postings we find that due to Ubuntu’s Unix heritage there are problems with non-working hardware, having to use the command line, compiling applications from source to use them and so on. Whether or not these accusations are true is irrelevant. They simply tell us that according to valued Internet posters such as mr Trolly McTrollenstein Ubuntu is user-hostile.

What is the opposite of hostile? There are several choices, but let’s go with cozy.

For a visual look we’re going to use a cheap trick: upturned palms. This is an age-old technique to look sincere as used by used car salesmen, politicians and other people whose job it is to make you trust them even if you really should not. Putting it all together we get something like this.


The Coziest Computer Experience in the World

Now all that is needed is that a few million people keep repeating this mantra consistently to change reality as we know it.