Hi again. I’m back again. This time around let’s see if we can post some relevant content regularly and keep it substantive.

I’ve switched into a different partner ecosystem as of the June 2011 timeframe. Currently, I’m working with developers who develop applications for the Consumer side of Ubuntu.

Where do you go to get new applications for your shiny, new Ubuntu Desktop? The Ubuntu Software Center, of course! Did you know that in Ubuntu 11.04 we added a paid marketplace, a “For Purchase” area of the Ubuntu Software Center? As a consumer, you now have access to great applications and games that you want and need to make the best use of your desktop. As a developer with a “commercial” application or game, you now have a place to sell that game or application to the ~20m users of Ubuntu.

We’ll take advantage of this shiny new blog to keep consumers and developers alike updated on the latest within the Software Center! Stay tuned.