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Joey Stanford

Gnome UI Mockup

Dear Gnomies,

Please consider this mockup for implementation (sans Michael Jackson).  It would really bring some nice usability improvements without the need for compiz.

Joey Stanford

The Matrix Runs on Windows

Amazingly I haven’t seen this on Planet Ubuntu yet….

The Matrix Runs on Windows

Stay around for the video clip after the credits.

Joey Stanford

Wanted: Project Portfolio Manager

Are you a seasoned Project Portfolio Manager or IT Portfolio Manager who uses Ubuntu?  Do you ALSO have experience in coordinating multiple program managers and project managers at once?  If so, I’d like to hear from you.  Please review and apply for the Ubuntu Program Manager position.

Joey Stanford

Exposing my FOSS skeleton

I was on a website this evening after work and I saw a poll: “How often do you Google yourself?”  It made me stop and think a moment and realize that I haven’t in some time.  So I did.  And Google found the skeleton in my FOSS closet: I have a Software Patent.  System and method for transcribing audio files of various languages (United States Patent 20050091274) was filed by me and my employer at the time (who owns the rights) in 2003 and was published in 2005.  Having gone through the process, I have to say it was amazing. It was hard but exciting. It took a long, long time to get through the process and then equally as long to get the actual patent.  My employer at the time was very helpful and supportive throughout the process.

It was not long after the patent was finally published that I began to see why software patents were not really a good idea.  They stifle innovation, create monopolies, and sadly do nothing to make the world a better place.  So I’d like to take this opportunity, as a software patent holder,  to encourage you to read up on why I believe we should end software patents.

Perhaps the company that now owns the rights to this patent, having a stated interest in FOSS software, will make a gesture to the community and release it to the public (not really for the content but for the good will it will generate).

Joey Stanford

Wanted: obby plugin for Gedit

I think Gregory Haynes and his GSOC project “Kobby” is going to be a killer app for KDE.  If anyone is looking for something to do, I could definitely use an obby plugin for Gedit to allow all the fun features of Gedit while still retaining the collaboration activities that gobby provides.  Alban has a prototype up using dbus which allows collaborative activities using editors of choice (in his example, VIM and Gedit).

Why do I want such a thing? One of the biggest advatages of the Internet is to allow people around the world to collaborate on FOSS development. We do quite a bit of this collobratation via email but it’s not really a high bandwidth environment (meaning, you can’t accomplish things with the same speed and clarity as you could, for example, in person).  IRC is much better since it’s higher bandwidth but you can’t do any Agile Pair programming with it.  (Incidentally there was at one point a proposal to use IRC as the backend for collaborative editing.  You would use a client application which integrated IRC. You’d hop on a private channel and you could communicate like you do currently plus there would be a control feed as well. The problem with this approach is flood-protection/rate-limiting.)  Ideally we as a community would want something similar to what N-Brain did: high bandwidth collaborative editing utilizing a fair amount of Agile practices.  So, if anyone feels inspired to help Philip and Armin extend Gobby with additional interface features or develop a Gedit plugin, I think we’d all cheer quite loudly.

Collaborative editing is the killer feature of our decade, regardless of platform.

Edit on 2008-08-19:

John from N-Brain saw this post and told me some interesting things I didn’t know! He writes:

UNA is free for open source projects. It’s a failure of ours that you didn’t know that looking at the website, but we are strong supporters of open source (UNA is built on many open source components itself), and we are keenly aware of the value of real-time collaboration in the dispersed teams that make up 99.99% of open source development.

Joey Stanford


Gregg Pollack just finished his OSCON ’08 overview video so if you missed OSCON this year, have a look at it.  I even make an appearance along with my esteemed colleague, Nick Barcet.

Joey Stanford

Coffee, Computers and Song

As OSCON this year I ran across Steve Savitzky and his album Coffee, Computers and Song which consists of “Songs of hackers, hardware, Silicon Valley, silicon life-forms, artificial intelligence and a bit of natural stupidity”.  Sounding like Simon and Garfunkel at times, it’s an interesting and very “folksy” album. Plus, he looks the part. Good Job Steve. I’m looking forward to more tunes from you.

Joey Stanford

Colorado Ubuntu Wallpaper

Darrin has posted up some Colorado LoCo Team wallpaper if anyone would like it.

Joey Stanford

OpenOffice Credits

Today someone let me in on an Easter Egg in OpenOffice which displays all the developer’s names.  After a 5 minute wait, lo and behold, my name appears.  🙂  What a nice surprise.

Joey Stanford

Special 100th Issue of the UWN Coming Next Week

Don’t miss the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter next week as they celebrate thier 100th issue with the Ubuntu community. There will be interviews with community members, a retrospect, and insights from past and present UWN staffers. You definitely won’t want to miss this issue, so make sure your RSS feed is up to date, your email subscription is current, or the wiki bookmarked for a very special anniversary issue of the UWN.