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Joey Stanford

Help Wanted: Become an Ubuntu Ham

Ham Radio

Have you heard of Amateur radio, often called “Ham” radio? If you don’t have a positive perception of it, chances are you have an inaccurate understanding. Two common myths:

  1. “Ham radio is Ham radio operators using a Ham radio on Ham radio frequencies in order to talk to other Ham radio operators about Ham radio.”
  2. “It’s too hard and expensive to get the license and equipment and once you get it you can’t do anything of value.”

The truth is:

  1. Ham radio is been called the Original Open-Source Project
  2. When the power goes out and communication methods fail, Ham radio is there helping others
  3. There is something for everyone in Ham radio
  4. If you don’t have a license, no problem! It’s easy to get one now especially since there is no Morse code requirement any longer in many countries. In fact, a 5 year old boy in Boulder, Colorado, USA was just licensed. Similar stories about “young Hams” exist around the world.
  5. If you like to fiddle with hardware and software, there are plenty of ways to be MacGyver.  Speaking of which, let’s get on to the reason for this blog post…

Ubuntu Hams

Ubuntu has a Ham Radio community and we need your help!  We need help with packaging, bug triaging and fixing, software development, and kernel enablement.

Please join us:

* IRC: #ubuntu-hams on
* Launchpad team & mailing list:
* Wiki: