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Joey Stanford

The Ubuntu Nokia experiment

Own a Nokia device? Use Ubuntu and love the community?  Read on…

Despite the insurgence of Android phones, I still see a large amount of Nokia phones (and Nokia employees) at developer summits and conferences.  Aside from producing great phones and devices which use open source software, Nokia also has been good about “connecting people” in various ways.  I thought it would be fun to try a simple experiment which connects Ubuntu users with Nokia devices.

I’ve created the Ubuntu Nokia Users team in Launchpad complete with a recommended set of software for your devices.  This is an open group and anyone may join.  This experiment (and team) has two aims:

  1. Self-Help: Helping users connect to their Nokia devices (phones and tablets) in Ubuntu and getting the most out of their experience as well as discussions about how to get Ubuntu onto Nokia devices.
  2. Comradeship: A social experiment to connect Ubuntu users with Nokia devices together.

I also hope that this experiment will draw in some developers to improve the experience of using Nokia devices in, and using, Ubuntu.  There is already an existing community-led  Ubuntu Nokia Development group if you are interested.

As with all experiments, the future is uncertain so your participation is vital in determining this team’s fate.  Do join in!

Joey Stanford

OOo Meet the NL/L10N People Posters

The NL/L10N team of OpenOffice has created two “Meet the NL/L10N People” posters.  I see a few familiar faces in there (including mine). Thanks goes to Hiranosan for assembling these.