Jono asked “If you have a blog or use Twitter or, I would like to ask you to take five minutes to write down why Ubuntu is important to you, and what aspect of our ethos attracts you and motivates you about Ubuntu.”

For me, two things highlight the one reason:

  1. Ubuntu just works.  –  If Ubuntu didn’t work, you wouldn’t be here.  We strive as a community to incorporate choice, flexibility, and enablement so that you can have the best experience.
  2. The Ubuntu Community.  – You make up the community. It doesn’t matter if you are a software engineer, a LoCo member, or just a user, a 13 year old or a 60 year old, or even an expert or a beginner.

Perhaps you‘ve seen the common denominator in my post.  The real thing that is most important to me, is you.  And since I am one of you, I’m in good company.