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Joey Stanford


Gregg Pollack just finished his OSCON ’08 overview video so if you missed OSCON this year, have a look at it.  I even make an appearance along with my esteemed colleague, Nick Barcet.

Joey Stanford

Coffee, Computers and Song

As OSCON this year I ran across Steve Savitzky and his album Coffee, Computers and Song which consists of “Songs of hackers, hardware, Silicon Valley, silicon life-forms, artificial intelligence and a bit of natural stupidity”.  Sounding like Simon and Garfunkel at times, it’s an interesting and very “folksy” album. Plus, he looks the part. Good Job Steve. I’m looking forward to more tunes from you.

Joey Stanford

Colorado Ubuntu Wallpaper

Darrin has posted up some Colorado LoCo Team wallpaper if anyone would like it.

Joey Stanford

OpenOffice Credits

Today someone let me in on an Easter Egg in OpenOffice which displays all the developer’s names.  After a 5 minute wait, lo and behold, my name appears.  🙂  What a nice surprise.

Joey Stanford

Special 100th Issue of the UWN Coming Next Week

Don’t miss the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter next week as they celebrate thier 100th issue with the Ubuntu community. There will be interviews with community members, a retrospect, and insights from past and present UWN staffers. You definitely won’t want to miss this issue, so make sure your RSS feed is up to date, your email subscription is current, or the wiki bookmarked for a very special anniversary issue of the UWN.

Joey Stanford

Announcing the Community-Agile project

Ian Clatworthy has announced a new project that aims to extend Agile software development with successful practices used in the Open Source community. The goal is to create and support a process framework that teams and communities, both open source and commercial, can download and customize to meet their needs.

This is a direct offshoot of work that has been happening inside Canonical, especially in the bzr and Launchpad teams.

Joey Stanford

Intuition can be explained

A news article released on July the 1st carries an interesting title: Intuition can be explained.

It was an interesting read to me especially because of the people I work with.  Time and again I see people’s intuition about things (potential problems, potential solutions, etc) come to pass.  So much so that I have developed a good sense of faith in my colleague’s intuition and when expressed, consider it intensly during decision making.