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Joey Stanford

Taking it to Tasque

Cool tool alert: My friends are up to something fun, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I use Tomboy religiously. Except for when I travel it’s all but replaced my moleskine notebook.  One feature I’ve been waiting for in Tomboy has been task tracking. In lieu, I’ve been updating a Tomboy note called TODO with my TODO list items. I need something better though.  Enter Tasque.  Tasque is a simple task management app (i.e. TODO list) for the Linux Desktop.  It integrates with RTM and exchange too.  You can find the Ubuntu packages here. Give it a try!

Joey Stanford

Wanted: LP Interface Design and Usability Engineer

Lead the Revolution! Francis and I are looking for someone to do interface design and development focusing on usability and accessibility. Read more about this position in the job post.

Joey Stanford

ssh authorized_keys permissions (or, why ssh is smarter than you)

I use ssh key authentication to rsync data from my weather station to it’s website.  Mysteriously it started failing a few days ago.  After a bit of hair pulling and unhelpful ssh -vvv output, I found the cause.  The permissions of the authorized_keys file on the server were incorrect.

-rw-rw-r–   1 stan4dnet pg478973  391 2008-05-07 12:14 authorized_keys

This file is readable by more than just you. Newer versions of ssh see this, recongize it as a security hole, and prevent you from doing something stupid.  Lesson Learned: Make sure that the files in .ssh are writable only by you, on both machines, and non-executable by anyone.

Some people recommend a simple “chmod 644 *” in your .ssh directories.  I don’t.  I recommend:

chmod 400 *

Joey Stanford

OSCON Presentation

My Ubuntu Live presentation with the amazing Kikomonster has been moved to OSCON.  Make sure you drop by to see our presentation and say hello.