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Joey Stanford

Get your red-hot Karma here

Do you just love Launchpad’s karma system and yearn for more of it?  Are you a karma junkie in disguise? Well, in case you missed the release notes from February, registering branches and linking branches to bugs or blueprints now earns you karma!  Not just a few points mind you but a landslide of karma goodness.  I added a small number of branches and linked a few bugs and blueprints to them and got a whopping 33000 karma points.  Supposedly my karma calculation is reduced by 50% because I’m on the dev team so just imagine what yours could be.   Stop reading and get out there and start linking and pushing!

Joey Stanford

Video: Getting Started with Launchpad and Bazaar in 20 Minutes

Kudos to Erik Thomson for a wonderful introduction video.  Warning: Contains Windows XP.