Last night the Colorado team had their Gutsy release party, traditionally on Friday night after work instead of Thursday so as to include as many people as possible. I was feeling rather ill the night before, so much so that I missed some important meetings the next day. Thankfully towards the end of the day on Friday I was feeling better and felt good enough to stop in at the party. I’m sure glad I did.

Colorado, due to several venue scheduling issues, found themselves without the traditional restaurant/pub environment for the release party. So they decided to do a somewhat traditional mid-western thing: a house party. I was quite skeptical at first but after 10 minutes I was sold. It was by far the best and biggest party Colorado has ever done, topping even UbuCon Boulder and all previous parties to my recollection. Great job to Mitch Mahan who was the host for the evening.

I thought I’d write-up the format of the event for other LoCos in case they wanted to try this. The full details and pictures of the party will no doubt be arriving on other websites later today.

The party started out with Hors D’oeuvres while team members and guests were arriving. During this time people came dropping off even more food and drink. One fine gentleman (gardenlevel) arrived with what appeared to be several full cases of microbrew. Instantly the party took on a flavor reminiscent of the Colorado Beer Festival. During this time a rogue router was located on hosts network and generated such an appetite that the crew dived into the available food (in this case several huge party subs) and began an install party and troubleshooting session. A few notable items were found during the session: OpenOffice on a fresh AMD 64 install was getting a glibc error (fix: reinstall libc) and the Phacile gtk theme’s controls were found to hang applications under compiz in Gutsy.

After the install and support fest the team had their business meeting and Mitch Mahan was elected to the team lead position (on merit, not the party or the food). Mitch has been the deputy team lead for some time. A new team-based organization and governance model (modeled after a scaled down Community Council) was proposed and accepted. It will be interesting to see how well this works.

Following this was a impromptu comedy session by Ubuntu Core-Dev Lamont Jones and his hacker-daughter Winona and then a short presentation on some Ubuntu software by myself. Our good friend Carl from System76 was also on had to provide the juicy details of making Ubuntu laptops.  Jim Hutchinson handed out the remaining team polo shirts (look for me at UDS Boston to see how nice these are).

General socializing and merriment continued for several more hours. As some of the team left and the group was able to condense down to just two rooms, the first team LAN Party/Frag Fest was started. Game of choice: Nexiuz. I must sadly report that I was everyone’s favourite target and thus did not win any games. I feel a rematch coming on.

Almost six hours after the party start, and well into the next day, everyone realized just how late it was and it was decided to end the immensely fun evening with words of agreement that we should do it again soon.