I’m running the Gutsy Beta 64-bit version and ran across a puzzling issue. I installed skype static and was still getting some puzzling errors (e.g. it said a library was missing but in fact it was there). The fix was easy, courtesy of Cappy from the Ubuntu Forums: getlibs

On 64-bit systems it solves dependencies for both 32-bit binaries and 64-bit binaries.
On 32-bit systems it solves dependencies for 32-bit binaries.getlibs works on the following systems:

  • All Ubuntu: Gutsy, Feisty, Edgy, Dapper, Breezy, Hoary, Warty
  • All Debian: Sid (unstable), Lenny (testing), Etch (stable), Sarge (oldstable) (currently not working for debian)
  • Mepis (Using the ubuntu repos)
  • All debian or ubuntu based 32-bit systems
  • Probably on other 64-bit debian based systems