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Joey Stanford

Congrats to the Launchpad Team

I wanted to pass on my personal congratulations to the entire Launchpad team for the release of 1.1.7 today.  This release contained the largest amount of changes than any previous release in recent history.  (+1 on Productivity)
We also executed a completely revised  pre-release QA testing strategy which I think went very well as it allowed us to better discover and remediate potential issues.  (+1 on Quality)

I’d also like to explicitly thank our (Launchpad) code review team. They don’t receive much acknowledgment but they have a very important and difficult job to perform.

Well done everyone.

Joey Stanford

It's the Dev Life for me Brother

Thumper found a great music video by the tribe called “Dev Life“.  If you code, it’s worth a view.

Joey Stanford


For all of you web monkeys out there, there is a new release of Aptana available.  Based extensively on Eclipse, Aptana has become my preferred web development environment. While the screenshots are nifty, what really caught my eye was the new Adobe AIR plugins.  This allows someone experienced in web technologies to develop applications for the desktop without learning a more common application programming language like Python.   Currently the plugins for Aptana are available for Linux but not the actual AIR SDK (Windows and Mac only).  Hopefully this will change in the future.

Joey Stanford

Education Enthusiasts Team

Jim Hutchinson has created the Education Enthusiasts Team in Launchpad to gather support for extending Open Source Lesson Plans and the educational applications of Open Source. Jim’s been leading the Colorado LoCo’s educational effort for several months now and is very motivated. If you have an interest in this topic, I encourage you to join the team and introduce your self to Jim.


Education Enthusiasts

The purpose of this team is to build a community of teachers, educational technologists, and anyone else interested in the educational applications of open source technology. To be successful in this, we need people of all talents – from those who can develop and improve software packages to those who can create and implement teaching plans and activities.

Our first project is to develop a collection of lessons designed around using open source software in the classroom. Please visit to learn more or add content.

We are open to other ideas as well. Please share any you have.

This is an open team; any user can join and no approval is required.