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Joey Stanford

Good Job David Overcash – Radio Interview

The Colorado LoCo Team’s David Overcash was recently interviewed on a computer radio show.  It’s a good listen for everyone.

Joey Stanford

Razer Barracuda AC-1 working in Ubuntu Feisty

I figured out how to get the awesomely cool Razer Barracuda AC-1 working in Ubuntu Feisty.  There is only stereo support (no 7.1 DTS) but it works. I posted the instructions as a follow-up to this forum post.  What did it take? OSS and PulseAudio to the rescue.

Joey Stanford

A Most Serious Game

A ran across a unique training aide for emergency personnel today.  It teaches US Gov NIMS and ICS skills via an engaging video game called Incident Commander.  It’s free if you qualify.  It even has a multiplayer mode where 16 people can be involved.  Windows only. Haven’t tried it under wine yet.

Joey Stanford

Ubuntu/Open Source Teaching Lessons

A group of fellow Ubuntu and Open Source fanatics are putting together a set of teaching lessons to help move the education world to the Free and Open Source world of technology.

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Joey Stanford

Restore grub after installing Redmon

I was fixing a dual-boot computer tonight and just couldn’t find these commands so here they are on my blog so I can find them again.

The irony is that AFTER I fixed the problem I found a great forum post.

Joey Stanford

Ubucon Boulder, Launchpad, and Embedded Devices on Google's Blog

Ubucon Boulder was a success this past Saturday. Details are up on the Google Code Blog.

Joey Stanford

Dell's "Linux 101" Video

This good find comes to you via Kurt Von Fink. Dell attempts to explain “what’s all the fuss” about Linux in this video.