I used to run the now defunct Longmont Community Wireless project. We couldn’t get the price point right for the technology (even roll your own) which ultimately led us to disband. (The city has started a commercial offering in this space.) We experimented with the WRT54Gs (new at that time) and got close to the functionality that we wanted but we were unable to mature the meshing system we wanted. Everyone got busy and we eventually shutdown. Fast forward to year or so ago and the birth of FON. The old team was really excited to see FON achieve a measure of success, even building their own mini adapter called the La Fonero. Still, we really weren’t satisfied because FON lacks the meshing code (and thus properties) that we really needed here in our community. Fast forward again today. Meraki has come to town. They have one product, a “mini” available in indoor and outdoor packages. The indoor model costs $49. It’s a wifi mesh repeater hostpot. It comes with free management software. If you want to go commercial, Meraki can even do the billing for you. If you want to stay free, you can be. I bought several. 🙂