As previously posted to the planet by others, 2007-03-03 is the next LoCo Docs Day. We are hoping for all LoCo teams (not just team leaders but members too) to come join us in #ubuntu-locoteams.

We have many docs (how-to’s, FAQs, examples, etc.) that need to be updated, refined, and even created. We need your help in this effort for the betterment of the entire LoCo community.

We especially need assistance from the LoCo teams who do not speak English on a regular basis (e.g. China, Brazil, Argentina, Chila, Venezuela, Taiwan, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Kurdistan, Japan, Hungary, Iran, Croatia, Czech, Austria, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, etc.). We want to know more about what you need, how best to get the content to you in your native language, and also your insight on how to refine the existing documents with your own experiences.

<philosophical mode>

As people, we are often separated by political boundaries and sometimes opposing cultures. As LoCos, we are united as one team under Ubuntu. Ubuntu is not just about “software libre“, it’s about peace and humanity to others. Our LoCo teams have a somewhat unique opportunity to really spread this message. Together we can change the world because we are the Nation of Ubuntu.

Bantu ba monsi. Nsi imosi.

</philosophical mode>